14 Non Comedogenic Makeup for Better Skin

What is Non Comedogenic Makeup
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Non comedogenic makeup is getting more and more popular these days since this type of makeup is claimed to be able to reduce blemish occurrence. If you have skin that prone to acne, then it would be better if you choose this type of makeup especially for the foundation which made using non occlusive formula. The reason is simple because there is a dangerous cycle in your makeup routine which will be able to make your acne condition worse.

The cycle is like this, when you have breakout you will start to panic thus you want to do something to make the acne disappear. That is why you will use makeup to cover those acne, especially long lasting makeup which will able to give higher coverage that seems give you security. But with that kind of heavy makeup you will also need to do heavy routine to clean them from your face. This will eventually irritate your skin and make your acne worse which will make you apply even more makeup and the dangerous cycle repeated once again. Now you know why you need non comedogenic type of makeup.

What is Non Comedogenic Makeup?

You might seen a lot of brand which claimed their product to be non comedogenic. However FDA actually does not regulate the term itself, which is why you should know what exactly is this non comedogenic makeup.

Makeup that is non comedogenic is the one that has ingredient which would not clog on the pores of your skin. This is why a lot of makeup who claims to be non comedogenic are products which is oil free. However you should also know that not every oil will clog on the pores, that is why you may even find this type of product which still using certain type of oils. If you are a person who has very sensitive skin or often get breakouts then you will highly benefits from this type of product.

9 Things You Need To Find In Non Comedogenic Makeup

There are certain ingredients that you commonly find in product which is non comedogenic. Commonly they are mineral type of makeup which is made using natural ingredient. However not every natural ingredient will actually beneficial for your skin. That is why you need to search some natural ingredients which actually give benefits to your skin, such as:

  1. Aloe vera: This ingredient will be able to soothe your skin while moist it. It also has anti inflammatory properties which important for non comedogenic makeup.
  2. Chamomile flower: Another ingredient with anti inflammatory properties which will be able to smooth your skin because it is contains high amount of antioxidant.
  3. Jojoba seed: A type of natural oil, which would not clog on your pores and it is able to moist your skin.
  4. Calendula flower: Will help to cure your irritated skin with its anti inflammatory properties inside your non comedogenic makeup.
  5. Witch hazel: Act as natural astringent for your skin to help making your skin hydration level become normal again.
  6. St. John’s wort: Will be able to reduce the flaking on your skin, since it is rich in antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties.
  7. Tea tree: Fighting the acne in your skin that cause by bacteria with its antibacterial properties. This ingredient also able to keep your skin PH level in balance.
  8. Willow bark: Used to exfoliate your skin and will be able to declog your pores because of its salicylic acid properties that naturally produced by this ingredient.
  9. Bentonite: A clay material, which will be able to help you reduce impurities in your skin and remove the toxin within.

What To Avoid When Purchasing Non Comedogenic Makeup

When you want to purchase mineral makeup, you should know that not all mineral ingredient in that makeup is actually non comedogenic. What you should do is to make sure they do not contains any bismuth oxychloride, especially on the foundation since this mineral is used to increase the foundation durability and give it more sheen. The reason why you should avoid this ingredient is because it is close to arsenic material thus it may be able to irritate your skin. Other obvious ingredients to avoid are silicon and paraben.

5 Trustable Non Comedogenic Brand You Should Try

You should also know that one brand that suit one person does not necessarily suit you since your skin condition and type might be different from that person. That is why the key is to keep trying to find the best product that suits your skin. Here are some non comedogenic makeup brands that you can try:

1. VMV Hypoallergenics

Not only this brand is non comedogenic but it also hypoallergenic which makes it super standard cosmetic you should try. They make the product so it would not clog on your pores and make sure that their product does not contain any of the 76 allergens including the non cosmetic one. Their product is free from preservatives and fragrance so it really suitable for people with sensitive skin.

2. Brown Lady

This cosmetic is herbal which make it natural non comedogenic makeup that you should try since it does not use minerals. This product is also 100% vegan cosmetic, but still reasonable to purchase. However the product is actually formulated specially for certain ethnic who has high melanin level on their skin. if you really want to try this product, you might be able to find several items that could suits lighter skin tone since their product shade are varied.

3. Almay

If you ask people about non comedogenic and hypoallergenic type of makeup then you will most likely hear this brand as the answer. Their products are free from fragrances. The best thing is they have product which formulated specially for every skin type so you should find a line which formulated for your skin type. You will be able to find salicylic acid ingredient in most of their product which will be able to clear your skin from blemish. They also have aloe vera as well as chamomile flower ingredient in their product with anti inflammatory properties which will be able to soothe your skin.

4. Lola Cosmetics

This brand is specially formulated for you who has skin problem, thus it is a must try if you have problem on your skin, even your lips. Most of their products are made using water which makes them lightweight and also free from oil. They are formulated with antioxidant and also contains high amount of vitamin C, E and A. If you want to try this product for the first time, you should purchase their travel size product which could be take everywhere easily and also more affordable for a test run.

5. Physicians Formula

This brand is made especially for you who have sensitive skin, so it is not only non comedogenic but also free from fragrance. Which is why their non comedogenic makeup product is suitable for you who has skin which prone to acne, since it will not irritate your skin.

After you tried several of those non comedogenic makeup brands, you might find some of them not working for you. Even though the non comedogenic product is made so it would not clog onto your pores, but it does not mean you would not get anymore acne or your skin would not get irritation.

This is why this is important for you to know the ingredients on the product. Certain ingredient might make you breakout even though it does not clog on the pores. Even though this is what you experience, but you should not have to lose hope since you can still find other brand with different ingredient that might suits your skin. And if you find it difficult to do, then you might want to ask the dermatologist to find appropriate makeup and make up kit accessories.


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