Top 10 Makeup Kit Accessories for Beginners

Makeup Kit for Beginners
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Being able to do makeup is essential for a woman and here is some makeup kit for beginners that are essential for any makeup process. Doing makeup is not particularly an easy task, not only that you got to have some ideas on what style you want to go to and the skills to pull it off, but you also need the right tools. Without the tools, no matter how good you really are, the result will not be optimal. Same can be said when a rookie is doing the makeup; a newbie need to use proper tool to learn proper makeup or else the newbie won’t be able to fully grasp the concept.

Check this makeup kit for beginners list

1. Get a good brush

The first thing on this makeup kit for beginners list is to get yourself a few good make up brushes or a set of them, that is right, buy a set and not the brush individually. If you buy a set then you get all the essential brush for everything that you need on your makeup while buying them individually may not get you a better brush because as a beginner, you probably still don’t know what brush is for what.

If you still insist that buying them individually then remember that each brush tends to give you different result and a difference in quality for each of your brushes will also affect your makeup.

Buy the guaranteed quality one even though they are going to be expensive, but they will give you the best results possible; Sephora is one of the recommended brands here.

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2. Get the eyeshadow

The eyeshadow is probably not going to be the daily use make up kit for beginners, but it is very important part of your makeup, this is something that you must have in a formal occasions. On a casual occasion, you do not need it, although no one is stopping you if you decide to use one, but the main effect of an eyeshadow is to make your eyes looks more attractive, it gives the eyes more color and depth.

For a casual everyday use, you will not need more than a couple of brushes and depending on your skin tone, the color that you should get will also be different.

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3. A simple colored lipstick

When you just start learning how to do proper makeup, then you will only need a simple lipstick without colors that are too popping. A basic make up kit for beginners, the lipstick shows one of the most integral part of your face; the lips and for a beginner, you want to give color to your lips but try to make it as natural as possible.

If you just want to train your skill, buy a cheap one to be used for training; however you still need to buy a good quality one; for example is the best Mac lipsticks as far as a quality brand are safe to go with and are some of the best lipsticks available.

4. Get a highlighter

Another good make up kit for beginners, the highlighter might not be used daily, but this one will certainly helps you improve your looks, but it has one problem, it is pretty difficult to use. You need to train and exercise yourself regularly if you want to master this makeup tool and for that reason, we recommend you not to be afraid on spraying some cash to buy a quality product from famous brands.

It will make it easier for you to get the effects that you wanted; it can be used for many things from your nose to lifting your eye brows. It is also recommended to get a natural colored highlighter as a beginner.

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5. Proper eyeliner is important

One of the best make up kit for beginners, the eyeliner is the most vital part of what eye makeup you are longing from. There are various types of eyeliner, but for a beginner that still do not know much, getting the soft pencil one is the best choice. Your eyes are sensitive and if you are a newbie, big chance that you are going to screw up, by using soft pencil, it will not going to hurt your eyes.

If you do not know which eyeliner to get that will not hurt the eyes, get something with a label of ophthomalogist-tested.

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6. Get the mascara

What mascara does is to enhance the looks of your eyes, it is one of the most important part of makeup that a beginner need to master quick. The mascara requires different technique for different purpose; whether if you want darken the eyelashes or do you want to make the eyelashes looks longer, it will takes different approach. That is why it is recommended to try different brands of mascara.

Find one or two that suits your style the best; remember that some mascara will get thick if it’s used for a long time so pick a product that will not clump on the eyes.

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7. Eyelash curler might be important too

The eyelash curler might not be your everyday make up kit for beginners, it is used rarely and it is not as essential as the other tools on this list, but it is pretty important nonetheless. This tool is very important when your eyelashes do not match with your mascara, because most people’s eyelashes grows outward and most mascaras requires you to have your eyelashes goes upwards.

Remember, when you want to use the eyelash curler, you do it before you use the mascara, doing it the other way around means trouble.

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8. Get a natural colored blush

It is not going to be a complete make up kit for beginners if it does not includes the blush, but because it requires a little bit more technique, a beginner should always try learning with a natural colored blush first. A blush is going to be used daily so it is very important to master, with natural colored blush, it will not be very easy to mess up.

The best tips on learning how to use the blush is to apply the blush in small amount, if you are able to see the blush clearly, then you are using it too much and as usual, it is recommended to use a quality brand blush even for practice because it just got better color and shade than the cheap ones.

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9. Concealer is the best partner

Nobody is perfect, so having some imperfections on the face is completely normal. Do you have pores? Or some lines? Or do you have that dark circle around the eyes? The concealer is your savior. Probably one of the most important makeup tools, the concealer is used to hides any imperfections on your face, very important but needs to be used properly in order to get the full effect.

The technique is pretty difficult, but if you are able to master how to use the concealer then it can conceal and hide almost any kinds of imperfections you got, definitely takes this training as a priority.

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10. Get natural colored foundation

Before anything else is used, the foundation is probably the first one makeup tool that you are going to use. This essential makeup tool is going to be the base of your whole makeup so for a starter, a natural colored blush is better. The problem lies with the choices, there are many colors available, you got no choice to try them all out first and get the best one that suits you the most or you get an advice from a professional about the right color that you should use.

Either way, once you got the foundation with the suitable color, it is recommended that you use your hand to apply it; it will be faster and more effective.

Those are the essential makeup kit for beginners, however there are still more tools available, but you need to master these 10 tools first before you go with more technical stuffs.

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