Finding the Best Kabuki Brush

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A Kabuki Brush Makes Your Complexion Look Flawless

A kabuki brush is the perfect makeup tool for creating flawless makeup looks that could grace the cover of any magazine. It does something a normal makeup brush doesn’t – buff! It’s buffing that creates a beautiful luminous glow that makes you look like the healthiest person on the planet.

Makeup artists depend on this brush and even if they didn’t apply the foundation with it, they probably did buff the foundation afterward.

Probably one of the first companies to make the kabuki brush a “must have” makeup item was Bare Escentuals. When it was discovered how well this type of a brush could apply fine mineral foundations and what a difference it could make in a total makeup look, this brush was marketed as the way to polish your look. It worked! Now you can find a vast assortment of different types.


Secrets Of Using Kabuki Brushes

Professional makeup artists consider kabuki brushes to be an indispensable makeup tool. They can pick up mineral makeup powders with ease, apply the makeup to your face and then buff it to perfection all with one brush. That means an ordinary makeup look suddenly becomes a noteworthy cover look.

No makeup artist wants to be without one of these in their makeup kit and you won’t either once you know the secrets of applying makeup with a kabuki brush.

What does it do that is so remarkable?

It makes it possible to use less mineral makeup and still get it to adhere to your face. That’s because the powder sits on the very top of the brush and the short bristles make it possible to apply the makeup with ease. Moving the bristles in a circular motion warms the makeup and buffs your complexion to a gorgeous glow.

Professional Kabuki Brushes – What The Pros Know
The first thing you need to know is that professional makeup artists do not skimp when it comes to purchasing this particular makeup brush. Nope, only the best will do and the reason is the difference it makes in the total look. Buy an expensive brush of this type and you are almost assured that it will work perfectly.

And if you grab my personal favorite pictured here to your right, the Ecotools retractable brush that is cruelty free and made from recycled sustainable materials (I LOVE Eco-friendly stuff!), then even the best brush is so very affordable.

One of the secrets that professional makeup artists know is that natural hair kabuki brushes work best for powder cosmetics, but in fact a synthetic brush makes it possible to buff even liquid foundation makeup.

Makeup artists have even been known to apply the foundation and then use a kabuki brush afterward to give a beautiful smooth finish.

When extra makeup coverage is needed this brush can get the job done. The secret to using it in this manner is to give it a light misting of water then dab it into the powder. Suddenly your mineral makeup becomes a full coverage foundation. Just think, you can have matching concealer and foundation with one product.

How To Spot The Best Kabuki Brush – Quality Counts!

The best kabuki brush might not be cheap, but when you consider the use you’ll get from it you’ll quickly see that it’s an affordable tool in the long run. That’s because the bristles don’t come loose like with cheaper brushes.

No one likes to have stray hairs interfere with their makeup look and the hairs in a good quality brush stay right where they are suppose to – in the brush.

Look for a brush that feels full. Compare it with cheap makeup brushes – you’ll see the difference. The brush will feel thicker because the hairs will be more densely packed. Also, the hairs tend to be trimmed shorter. This makes it easier to buff with.

Test your makeup brush out before you use it with your cosmetics by swishing it on the palm of your hand to make sure no hairs break or fall out.


Mineral makeup foundation powders should sit on the top of the brush if it’s a quality one, rather than filter down to the bottom of the hairs. That means more of the makeup can be applied to your skin. It also means that the brush will be better for buffing with and really that’s the whole point. You want to buff your makeup to perfection. Remember to keep your makeup brushes clean by using a brush cleaner. Protect your investment.

Kabuki Types

There are so many different types of makeup brushes that when you find your best kabuki brush it’s only natural to want more. You can find brushes with long handles and some people prefer the ease of use. Others like the ones that have barely any handle to them at all. These are great because they take up less space in your makeup kit and give a great polish. What if you need a smaller brush like for blush?

Then it’s time to go with a downsized kabuki brush. Sometimes these are referred to as baby kabuki brushes. They’re perfect for using with highlighters, blushes and can even work to apply eye makeup in a pinch. Have you ever used one for contouring? It works wonderfully for blending. Small is wonderful, but there are times when you want to go large.

Mineral makeup veils and translucent powders need a larger brush for perfect makeup application and that’s when it’s time to fluffy and large. Some people also prefer a larger brush for bronzer application because it gives a more natural look.

Toss A Retractable Kabuki In Your Bag And Go!

A retractable kabuki brush is a makeup touch-up wonder tool. You can load the bristles with your favorite mineral makeup powder, pop on the top, and have your mineral makeup in ready application form in just seconds. When the time comes for a makeup touch-up you just pop the top, apply and go. Talk about easy!

Retractable kabuki brushes comes in several types and sizes so there’s one for everyone. Fortunately these brushes are also very affordable. Look for your favorite mineral makeup brand and then check out their brushes. Sometimes they’re called travel brushes.

The main difference is that they have shorter handles and the brush itself won’t be as fluffy as the regular ones.

When it comes to brushes for touching up your makeup you’ll find that these are just the right size. You can use them to spot conceal. Did you know they work great for blush cosmetics? You can use them to buff your blush to perfection or apply highlighter cosmetics with.

What To Look For In A Retractable Brush

When you’re ready to add a retractable kabuki brush to your collection there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Ask yourself how big you need to go. A smaller brush might be fine for touch-ups, but are you going to have to use this brush for foundation application? If so, try and choose a slightly larger size.


What type of case does it come with? Will the case be easy enough to wipe down? Does the brush fit inside the case well, or is it difficult to get the hairs back in? These are all questions that can be answered by simply popping on and off the lid a few times. You’ll find out if the lid comes off easily, or if stays on.

Tops that come loose too easily can be a problem if you want to keep your purse clean inside – remember, the brush carries colored powder on it.

There are several kabuki brushes that work very well. They might cost you a little more, but in the long run they last longer and make your foundation application easier. A quality brush means no broken or stray hairs that you have to deal with. In other words, it takes the frustration out of applying cosmetics. Go with the best for your budget.

How To Choose A Cheap Kabuki Brush

A cheap kabuki brush can be used to apply your mineral makeup and you can still get a polished look if you know which one to choose and why. It can pick up your makeup, set it on your skin and buff just like an expensive one. The best part is that it can be used to give you a polished and professional makeup look in just seconds. From large fluffy brushes to small baby kabuki brushes there are affordable selections.

The key to choosing a cheap kabuki brush is to make sure the hairs are soft and that they don’t fall out. Hairs that break or come loose mean the brush isn’t worth keeping because at the last minute you might have to start removing the stray hairs from your face. That, as you know, can mean messing up your makeup. So, avoid any brush that has hairs coming loose.

You can actually find some very good selections in affordable makeup lines. You’ll need to choose wisely, test the product first and then purchase only those that meet your standards. Remember, brushes are a makeup investment.

Testing A Cheap Kabuki Brush

Just because it’s a cheap kabuki brush doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Look for brushes that are synthetic, but with soft hairs. Try out the brushes you see with the cosmetic collections that are makeup testers. Even if they’re glued to the counter, you can still place your palm over them and move them slightly back and forth. Did any hairs come off? If not then that brush might be a keeper.


Sometimes you’ll have to try more than one cheap kabuki brush before you get it right. Take a look at the brushes that are included with the drugstore mineral makeup lines. Try them out and compare them against the more expensive brands. It’s possible to find very affordable makeup brushes that work really well. In fact, sometimes better than the expensive ones. When you finally find the one you want, remember it because you’ll get use to working with it and just might want one or two more.

How To Make A Cheap Brush Last Longer

Okay, so you went the affordable route and found a cheap kabuki brush that works for you. Now, it’s time to make it last. The way to do that is to take care of the hairs, whether natural or synthetic. These cute little brushes need to be kept clean just like your other makeup tools. The right way to do that is to use a brush cleaner. It will clean and moisturize the hairs.

Start by wetting the brush and then either spray or pour a little cleaner in your palm. Swish the brush around, rinse and set it out to dry completely. A good brush will fluff back up into its natural shape. Just because a brush costs less doesn’t mean it’s not a makeup investment. You want the best brush for the best price and you want it to last.

How To Look Sensational

Think buffing when you think about a kabuki brush. That’s the whole point of using one. Yes, it does apply the powders to your complexion, but it’s that fine tiny swirling motion that sets the powder and makes it look like it has blended right into your skin. That swirling polishes the powders and impart a subtle healthy glow to your skin. It’s simply divine!


There are a number ways to use this brush: You can apply your makeup with it. You can use it just as a buffer for use with other cosmetics. You can use it as a concealer brush. You can use it for setting your makeup with translucent powder. It’s perfect for applying bronzer makeup. Highlighters and blushes work beautifully with it. In fact, you can do just about anything with a kabuki brush, but it will depend on the size you choose.

Use it by lightly tapping it in either your loose powder or lightly whisk the top across your pressed powder. Then, simply do a little swirl. Tap it on either the side of the container or lightly on a paper towel. Professional makeup artists never blow on their brushes. Apply it lightly to your face and start the swirling motion. You’ll find that tiny swirls work better than large ones. Pay special attention to your neck and chin areas. Blend the makeup out so that you can’t tell where it begins.

How To Care For Your Brushes

Really, kabuki brushes should come with a warning – addictive – because once you find the perfect one for you then you’ll reach for it anytime you want a perfect makeup look. Try it yourself and see. You deserve to look your best!


With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to keep your kabuki brush as clean as possible. When you buy your brush consider investing a good makeup brush cleaner and then use it on a weekly basis. Clean hairs on your brush mean that the product will continue to sit on top and not get packed down in the bristles. It also helps to keep the finish smooth.

Remember, you want to lightly press the makeup on and then buff it. Clean makeup brushes work better for buffing. In fact, some makeup artists keep a clean brush on hand and that is it’s only purpose – to buff.

Cleaning Is Essential

Do you tend to skimp when it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes? Most of us do because it seems so inconvenient, but we all know how important it really is to keep those brushes clean. With a kabuki brush cleaning takes on a new importance – it’s essential. That’s because with this particular type of brush the powders need to stay on top and the brush needs to retain it’s shape. It can’t do that if the powders become compacted.

When you purchase your first quality brush, take the time to consider purchasing a makeup brush cleaner. Then use it on a weekly basis to keep all your brushes clean. You’ll be amazed at the difference a clean brush makes and you complexion will appreciate it, too!