Is Cosmetology a Good Career?

Is Cosmetology a Good Career
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Is Cosmetology a Good Career?

Cosmetology can be a difficult career to break into. After all, you need to communicate well with clients, show incredible creativity with new styles, and commit a lot of time and effort to honing your craft. Simply put, most people just won’t make it as a cosmetologist!

So, is cosmetology a good career? Cosmetology is a great field if you like to show your creativity and make others feel great about their physical appearance. You can also set your own flexible schedule that fits into your specific lifestyle. Better yet, the average cosmetologist makes about $30,000 a year plus tips and commission. 

Cosmetology is a great career if you appreciate doing something new every single day. So, let’s go over everything you need to know about why cosmetology just might be the career you’ve been looking for!

What Is Cosmetology?

The job of a cosmetologist is to make clients look more beautiful. 

However, what you actually end up doing as a cosmetologist depends on what you specialize in. Your job might include styling hair, giving manicures and pedicures, or applying makeup. It can also be a combination of any (or more) of those things.

To become a cosmetologist, you need to complete cosmetology school and become licensed in your state. This can take less than a year if you’re attending full-time, but it’ll probably take you a few years on a part-time basis.

The Salary of a Cosmetologist

The average salary for an American cosmetologist is about $30,000 every year. Other data suggests that cosmetologists earn about $18.47 an hour. But most cosmetologists are actually paid on commission, not hourly as the data suggests.

Here’s how that works.

Many salons will split the commission with their cosmetologists 50/50. Since this is based on sales and services, you’ll earn 50% of the fees that your salon charges for the services you complete. 

The more you sell and provide during the day, the more money you’ll take home. Plus, you’ll earn more commission as you bring in more clients and sales.

Extra Income From Tips

Unfortunately, $30,000 a year in salary isn’t all that much in 2020. In fact, the average salary in America is more than twice that amount.

But, since most cash tips aren’t reported when filing your taxes, the average salary for a cosmetologist is likely a lot higher. In fact, a significant portion of your income will come from tips earned. These tips come directly from customers and might boost your income by an extra 20% or more.

Building Up a Client Base

Cosmetology is definitely a great career path if you enjoy meeting new people and building relationships. That’s because you’ll spend all of your time working one-on-one with the same clients for months or even years. And on top of that, you’ll make friends with the other stylists at the salon.

But what makes cosmetology such a great career is that you play your own part in advancing your career.

As you build a good reputation around the salon, you’re much more likely to get clients to refer to their friends and family. Not only will this bring in customers and keep you entertained while on the clock, but it’ll also earn you a lot more cash. And, as you bring in more clients, the salon owner is likely to give you a bigger split of the commission.

So, your success definitely gets noticed and rewarded.

Expressing Your Creativity

Unlike most office jobs, you’re not heading to the salon every day to the same exact job, day in and day out. Every single day as a cosmetologist will be different, and you’ll get to try new things and show your talents when working on clients. 

This is also a great way to keep yourself entertained while earning some money.

One of the best parts of being a cosmetologist is that you’re not confined to specific guidelines. You can obviously do what clients request, but you also have quite a bit of freedom to try out new things and further hone your craft. Every client is like a human canvas that you get to perfect, just like a “normal” artist.

It would be hard to find another career where you have so much freedom.

Helping Others

If you’re considering a career as a cosmetologist, it’s probably because you yourself like to look good. So, why not get involved in a career where you get to help others feel the same? You can help people to feel more confident while also feeling good about the work you’ve completed.

Most importantly, not everyone can do what you’re doing as a cosmetologist. 

Sure, it’s easy to learn how to use a computer program or perform menial tasks at an office. But, it takes a lot of hard work and skill to become a great cosmetologist. So, why not share your craft with the world and improve how people feel about themselves?

If you have this talent, you might as well use it to help others.

Flexible Schedule

One of the best parts of being a cosmetologist is that you’re not working a normal 9 to 5 job. In fact, you basically have the choice between working full-time or part-time depending on the salon you choose to work at. This gives you the ability to schedule your shifts around other important pieces of your life. 

That’s especially useful if you have children at home or if you go to school part-time.

It also means that you have a somewhat flexible schedule. Some salon owners might allow you to work as many hours a week as you want, which can definitely increase your wages and tips earned throughout the year. Plus, you can take advantage of busy times at the salon to secure a larger client base.

This is definitely the career for you if you don’t like rigid scheduling.

Guiding Your Own Career

You might not like a lot of things about the typical workplace in America. One of those things might be staying stationary in your career. For a lot of jobs, you’ll find yourself in the same exact position for years to come, without earning any extra money or promotions for your hard work.

As a cosmetologist, you’re not forced to work for anyone. 

That’s because most cosmetologists are actually considered to be “self-employed.” That means that you don’t have to work for a salon to bring in some income. You can actually work for yourself instead and consider a career as somewhat of a “freelance” cosmetologist. 

This gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to advancing your career and boosting your income. Though you’ll probably have to buy your own equipment and recruit your own client base at first, you don’t report to anyone but yourself. 

That makes cosmetology the perfect career if you like to have control over your career.


Cosmetology is definitely not the perfect career for everyone, but it might be for you! Ask yourself these questions and figure out if this is the right career for you:

  • Do you like to have decent control of your income?
  • Do you enjoy showing your creativity and trying new things?
  • Do you like meeting new people and building relationships?
  • Do you prefer having control over your work schedule?
  • Do you like to help others?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions and enjoy cosmetology as a whole, you might want to consider this new career path.



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