How to Shape Eyebrows at Home (PERFECTLY!)

How to Shape Eyebrows at Home
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Eyebrow shaping and eyebrow shapes

shape your eyebrowsEyebrow shaping is one of the most difficult things we’d all like to do at home. Here’s some advice on how to get it done at home – effectively, easily and in a way to make your face even more beautiful! Have patience if you have some missing or you’ve overplucked, when the new ones grow, you can do it to.

Remember, eyebrows are the window of your face, they give your face shape and line, they can shake off couple of years of your age and they can make your face softer. Eyebrow shaping is a task you need to approach carefully, here are some steps you can take.

Eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow shapesMy greatest suggestion in the first step is USE STENCILS! Anastasia brows uses brow stencils that you can just as easily buy online. Now, let’s say you have them at home and you need to get started but don’t know which stencil to use.

Use the brow stencil that retains the most of your natural brows – that one will suit your face best. I know that sometimes we get the urge for eyebrow shaping to thin up and make our eyebrows almost invisible but – that’s out of date eyebrow shaping!

Eyebrow shapes should be as close as possible to your natural brows – if you have thin eyebrows, you keep them thin, if you have thick then use the stencil that will have the least to pluck out. My favorite brow stencil is Anastasia Beverly Hills High Arch you can find in the set of Anastasia stencils, it suits my face perfectly, even though I had to try three different eyebrow shapes before getting there.

Your eyebrow shapes should be similar to the picture – your nose is your front line warrior – use the tip and sides as shown on the picture to set your eyebrow stencils correctly. Nothing to be afraid until you start plucking, now you’re just marking, so don’t worry!


How to tweeze your eyebrows

How to tweeze your eyebrowsOnce you’ve found your favorite brow stencil, use brow shadow or eye shadow and mark all the eyebrows in the hole of the stencil. Put a hefty amount of shadow on the brows that you won’t be plucking, so you don’t get it wrong. Then start the tweezing – by now the best tweezers I found were again from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I’m not propagating Anastasia brows, please don’t get me wrong, I just use many of their products because they’re good.

How to tweeze eyebrows?

Always pluck eyebrows to the direction in which the hair naturally grows – if you’re doing your right eye first, pull to the right. This will be a little prevention if your skin gets irritated fast.

Another very important piece of advice: better pluck less than more! You can’t reattach the brows but you can always pluck some more, so do it lightly and slowly. Pluck all the brows that were left outside the hole of the stencil, then proceed to the other eye. After you’ve finished, reapply the stencil and check the result.

Calm your skin down

Remember, plucking your eyebrows means that you take the hair out of the skin together with its root. That causes a small hole in the skin and blood immediately fills the space up so no infections would occur. To calm the skin down after tweezing eyebrows, waxing eyebrows or maybe threading eyebrows you need special creams. The one that I’d recommend is from Anastasia brows because it has chamomile and some other ingredients that actually work.

If you have enough time after eyebrow shaping, you can always put a small amount of ice for a moment onto the brows which will numb the pain and calm the irritation. The eyebrow shapes you created are most visibly seen through the irritated skin, so take care of it especially if you’re going out that same evening or if your skin is extra sensitive.

Everyday eyebrow shaping and colors

Everyday eyebrow shaping and coloursWhat you do from this point on, you’ll have to do every day if you want your eyebrow shaping to have the maximum effect:

  • Pluck individual eyebrows as they grow so you don’t lose the eyebrow shapes.
  • With the help of a stencil use brow powder and brow pencil every morning to create lightness, natural look and of course the ideal shape.
  • Brush the excess powder or pencil off with a smart eyebrow brush.
  • Use eyebrow gel to fix the eyebrows to their place. If you put too much, you can always brush some of it off.

Which colors should you use? OK, check your hair color – if it’s light, use one to two shades darker, if it’s dark, use one or two shades lighter. Naturally your eyebrows’ color corresponds to your hair color, but let’s face it, who has natural hair color anymore? So, how to get about that? Remember, natural is beautiful so you should aspire to get your eyebrows as close as possible to your current hair color.

BUT if your dyed hair color is red, god forbid to dye your eyebrows read – it will look funny! Choose a medium brown color. If your hair is dyed dark black and your natural brows are light, also go with medium brown. Basically, anything that will look close to natural! Don’t dye your eyebrows white blond if your natural eyebrow color is black, you’ll look like a fashion no-no! Be smart, don’t exaggerate, keep it as natural as possible, ok? The eyebrow shaping alone will help you get half of the job done!

For all of you that have problems with thin or very light colored eyebrows, it’s hard to make a great eyebrow shaping for every day. Maybe I can suggest an eyebrow tint or eyebrow dye for you – as I said before, natural luscious eyebrows are in and thin invisible eyebrows are out. Check out this article on HD eyebrows – it’s a method of dying your eyebrows for about two months, but remember – you’ll still have to pluck them.

And another piece of advice – even if your eyebrows only grow one per year in an odd place – don’t pluck it out, one per year and in ten years you’ll have a line! Below, you can find some artificial solutions for all that desire permanent eyebrows, even though I really don’t recommend tattooing – you can’t take it off, it looks unnatural and plain ugly.

Bushy eyebrows or thick eyebrows

Congrats, you’ve been blessed with bushy eyebrows or better to say thick eyebrows. There are thousands of people out there envious, trust me! Even if you believe it’s a curse, let me tell you – it’s easier to pluck some eyebrows out then to re-grow or false grow them if they’re not there to begin with. I know it’s a bit more challenging for you to do your eyebrow shaping but at least there’s something to shape! Imagine you’d have to draw the line each day… So, what to do?

If you haven’t exaggerated plucking until now, you still have quite some eyebrow shaping to do – let’s get to it! As stated in the section eyebrows shapes – choose the stencil that will keep most of your eyebrows and pluck out as little as possible. Follow my advice, eyebrows at one point in time stop growing, and you’ll regret so much if you pluck out too many because there’s no going back once they stop growing. Once you’ve lined the shape, maintain it every day by tweezing out only the new ones that are growing outside the desired eyebrow shape. In Anastasia Beverly Hills or other stencils try to stick to the thicker ones!

If bushy eyebrows or thick eyebrows really bother you so much, maybe you can lighten them for maximally one shade with eyebrow tint!

Thin eyebrows or no eyebrows

Sorry, gal! I’m sorry for all the people who have rare or thin eyebrows because you have to line and draw them every day. However, nothing to cry about, that’s how it is, right? Whether you’ve plucked too many in previous years or you were born with little or no eyebrows, this eyebrow shaping article will give you some ideas how to deal with it. Firstly, I’m not very prone to permanent eyebrows as you might have noticed by now, however I’m not against dying your eyebrows.

The only thing I would like to remind you of is – be careful of the color. Remember, natural is beautiful, so try to keep the color as natural as possible. Then take an eyebrow stencil that holds most of your eyebrows in the hole and use an eyebrow pencil to create the eyebrows shapes. Next up grab some high quality eyebrow powder (such as Anastasia Beverly Hills) and a brush and apply it loosely. Don’t exaggerate, if there’s little hair the powder has nowhere to stick, so it will only fall down your face during the day.

Eyebrow shaping should be easy from this point on – brush the excess off, put some eyebrow gel on top of the eyebrows and you’re set for the day!

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  1. I accidentally plucked my eyebrows because I wanted to have nice fine eyebrows and I accidentally or well I just made my eyebrows more thin and really not the same as I used to have them.


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