How to Become a Makeup Artist Step by Step

Become a Makeup Artist
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Beauty today is a huge multi-billion dollar industry so there are a lot of job opportunities which might interest you and one of them is makeup artist job. If you have interest and skill in makeup then you should try to be a makeup artist. Then how to become a makeup artist? Makeup is needed by all people and if you become a makeup artist then there are a lot of chance open for you in the industry. Of course you must learn a lot of things first before you can really enter the beauty world and become the best makeup artist you always dreamed of.
Step to Learn How to Become a Makeup Artist

How to Become a Makeup Artist

1. Learning Period

If would be better if you start as early as possible even when you are still teenager since that way you will have more time to develop the skill needed to become makeup artist. Then how to become a makeup artist by developing the skill?

First you can start by practicing your makeup to yourself and to your friends so you can perfect the motion. You should know that applying the makeup to your own face is actually different from applying makeup to other people’s face especially in the coordination and motor motion used.

2. Know the Difference

Furthermore you should also try to apply makeup to people with different skin tone, different shape of face, different age, and many other combinations. This will really train you to face many kinds of client you will have in the future. You should also try many kinds of brands of makup so you can see the differences in their ingredients, textures and colors as quality often varies a lot from brand to brand.

That way you could find the perfect product for different skin type including the right texture to use for them. Different brushes and wand as well as others makeup tools will also give different result, thus it is better for you to experiment with all of them to see which one works best for special needs.

3. Create Different Look

Makeup is used to create a certain look on people’s face, so when you want to learn how to become a makeup artist, you should also learn to create different look. You should also be able to differentiate night and day look since both are different.

Usually day look is simpler while night look is bolder and more dramatic. You can also create timeless look by using simple makeup and bold red lipstick, thus you really need to learn different shade of red lipstick out there.

4. Follow The Trend

You should pay attention to the trend and learn the current look which everyone loves as your reference. This will be useful in the future as your client make want you to create certain look which in the trend right now so you need to fulfill it.

Sometimes your client might also want you to create celebrity look for them, so you need to learn how to create popular celebrity makeup that trending right now. Learn more from magazine and television to know who and what is popular.

Trends also have to do with moral and political situations. It’s becoming increasing clearer that people want natural beauty products that aren’t animal tested and are made with natural ingredients.

5. Get Education

After the time has come you will need to get a formal education in makeup artistry. Then the next step in learning how to become a makeup artist is by enrolling yourself to the best artistry school you can find. You also need to decide the kind of makeup artistry that you like the most thus decide which class you would take based on the field that you choose.

Although different beauty school will teach you different things, but they usually teach you the basic things such as wedding makeup and some even teach special effect one. If you think you are ready, try to get cosmetology license since it will give you a lot of benefits among the competition you will get in the industry later on.

6. Get Experience

Experience is what make you become the best makeup artist, which is why you need to get as many experience as possible. Then how to become a makeup artist by getting experience? First you might want to get a job in department store’s cosmetic counter. This will really give you the change to experience different client and what they expect from you, plus you will get payment for it.

If you find that getting the real job is kind of difficult for your current level, then you might need to start from the very bottom which is to get some internship. You can go directly to spa or beauty salon to ask for apprenticeship, or your beauty school might also offers for internship placement for you. This will really give you a real world experience as makeup artist in the industry that will enhance your level.

7. Decide Your Career Course

You should remember to decide your career course since it will really affect your way of learning how to become a makeup artist. The makeup industry consist of many kinds of field, thus you should really know which course you want to take.

Whether you want to work with other people in movie, music, modeling, and TV industry or you want to make your own business in wedding makeup and other event makeup. After you know what you want to do, then you need to do anything that you need to be able to enter that artistry field.

8. Build a Network

Then how to become a makeup artist in the selected artistry field? You need to build you network with known name in that specific artistry field. Look for internship or even job with them which will take you to the first step inside the industry.

You might also want to do some collaboration. Ask your friend who want to create a music video or your coworkers who want to have a wedding if you can do artistry makeup for them. This will enhance your skill plus making your name out in the field you want.

9. Make a Portfolio

Portfolio is important thing to show off your best creation which will reflect your skill level and style. Then you can show it to your potential client and future employer, so you need to create online and real photograph portfolio. How to become a makeup artist by making portfolio?You need to hire a professional photographer since they can really make the ‘real’ photo that you need.

Then hire two models with different features which could showcase your skill best, they do not need to be a professional model as long as they have suitable feature for your portfolio. Make sure the photographer get best picture from different angle of your models, take a headshot photo or make a makeover photo of your models.

10. Do some marketing

If you want to reach your dream, then next step that you need to do is to market your service. Whether you want to get a fulltime job within certain company that you interest on or you want to expand your business, then you need to spread the word out. Do a lot of research on the field that you interest on, take your portfolio then show them on your interviews or meeting.

You might also want to participate in voluntary service at first step of your marketing. You can also offer trade with your model for the print of the picture with their modeling service; this might work with new models who also want to develop their own portfolio. Word marketing also works best, so you might want to ask your family and friend to spread the word for you by using your service in their wedding or other events.

It will need time and effort not only to learn how to become a makeup artist but also to be one. That is why you really need to be patient and do the work little by little but sure, so keep on moving forward.


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