Best Under Eye Concealer for Dark Circles

Best Under Eye Concealer for Dark Circles
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under eye concealerYour eyes speak more than a thousand words. They are the mirrors of your soul. Beautiful eyes are one of the biggest assets for a woman. But quite many a times, these beautiful eyes may tend to acquire a bad look owing to under eye dark circles.

Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles

  • Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem faced by multitude of women. There are not just one but many factors which combine together leading to dark circles under the eyes.
  • Stress and fatigue are a major factor responsible for under eye dark circles.
  • If you have been sitting for long hours in front of computer then too you may suffer from dark circles.
  • Faulty diet, less intake of water too may cause under eye dark circles.
  • Sometimes poor blood circulation too becomes an essential factor.
  • Excessive intake of caffeine or tea too may cause dark circles.

Under eye concealers for dark circles:

There are many types of treatments available for under eye dark circles but a lot of them are said to be very costly like the laser treatment. Under eye concealers are however one of the best treatments available in the market today for helping you gets rid of these dark circles especially if you have to go to a party and have to look the best. It is especially useful for an instant cover up of dark circles which is not possible through home remedies or any other natural method.

under-eye-concealer types

types of under eye concealer

Types of Under Eye Concealers For Dark Circles

There are a plethora of under eye concealers which are available in the market today and in fact it becomes quite tough to ascertain as to what will work for your eyes. It needs to be mentioned however that what may work for your dark circles may not work for the other because of the difference of the skin tone. So, before choosing the under eye concealers it is best to read the various concealer reviews.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage:

This is an effective under eye concealer for covering up the dark circles. It is said to be moisture rich and also contains Vitamin A and E. Laura Mercier is ideal not just as a concealer rather it is also good in helping you get rid of various other skin imperfections too like discoloration around the eyes.

Collagen & Q 10:

 It appears to be a one stop solution for all eye’s skin problems be it dark circles, discoloration. If you are the one who has been suffering from puffy eyes or wrinkles under the eyes then this product is surely for you. The most essential aspect of Collagen & Q 10 is that it is natural product and hence does not cause any skin irritation and treats your eyes with love and care.

choosing concealer for dark circles

Dior Skin Radiance Pen:

This is a product which has been receiving rave reviews from cosmetic lovers. It just helps in retouching your eyes and does not take a long time either. The unique aspect of this pen is that it also gives humidity and hydration to your eyes which is very much important and thereby helps to prevent wrinkles. If you are using it, you will notice that your cheekbones will also become more highlighted and look beautiful.

Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer:

It is very soft on the skin, has a yellow toned concealer. It is also known to contain loose sheer finish powder which gives eye makeup a finishing touch.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat:

This is a hot favorite under eye concealer for women across the world. It is priced at $35 and so is a bit costly then the rest of the concealers for dark circles. The unique aspect of this concealer is that it has more function than just being a simple concealer. It helps in illuminating and thereby highlights the shallow areas of your face. The concealer comes with a creamy light weight moisturizer and gives your under eyes a sparkling reflection. With the right eyebrow shaping, this will really make your eyes pop.

How to choose concealer for dark circles

How to choose under eye concealer for dark circles

It is always good for your skin, if you do a little bit of analysis as to what are the different kinds of under eye concealers for dark circles available in the market today. Of course, always go for the one which is natural and of good quality too because skin under the eyes is said to be the most sensitive.

  • It is best that you read out the ingredients given in the concealer so that you are buying only the natural under eye concealer.
  • You have to check whether your eyes are puffy or recessed, because the concealer will be different in both the cases.
  • For recessed eyes, you have to choose a concealer which is of lighter shade than the foundation which you will be applying.
  • If you are having puffy eyes then you have to opt for darker shade concealer.
  • If your under eye dark circles are bluish or greyish then it is better to go for a concealer which has a yellowish shade.
  • If your under eye dark circles are brownish then go for a mauve under eye concealer.


How to apply under eye concealer for dark circles

Before you apply the under eye concealer make sure that you wash your face with normal water. After that, apply  a thin layer of foundation on your face and then gently dab little amount of concealer under your eyes especially where the dark circles are present. Make sure to do this with soft hands. Don’t press your under eye skin too hard because this is very delicate.

Make sure that your concealer has blended properly with your foundation layer to give your face an even tone. Just for a finishing touch, apply face powder and here you are ..…looking beautiful with those sparkling bright eyes ready to take on the world!


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