10 Best Organic Makeup Brands

10 Best Organic Makeup Brands
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A lot of people has switch to organic items since they believe it would be healthier for their body. Not only for food that they eat, but also for all of things that they use including makeup. Then what are the best organic makeup brands that you should try this year? As you know, makeup has been used for a long time, and with organic choice now we could choose healthier makeup that does not make us put on lead or coppers that usually inside the product. With the development of makeup throughout these years we now could find a lot of natural makeup that is high in quality.

Can we find the best organic makeup brands?


Finding the best organic makeup brands is a challenge, which is why you need to understand more about organic makeup and what you should search when you try to purchase them. Especially since there is no regulation from FDA regarding this organic label and what to put on the ingredient. This means you can find several brands that claim to be organic but actually it is only for marketing act to sell their product faster since natural makeup is high in demand right now.

To make their product seems legit they might put as little as 10% natural ingredient in their product while the rest of the ingredients are indeed full of toxic that you try to avoid when purchasing organic makeup. It seems that they really willing to do anything that they could to convince you that their product is organic, so you really need to be careful.

What you should do to find the real organic makeup?

Before you purchase natural makeup you should follow these steps so you can find the real organic makeup:

1. Reading labels

While labels really show what is inside the product, some of you might not understand what the label means. That is why if you find difficult words on the labels, it is best for you to search the meaning of those ingredient just in case it hides some toxic or leads inside. Real organic makeup should be made using no toxin or any other pesticides ingredients this is why reading labels and understand it is very important step that you always do.

What you need to find is a product with USDA seal and 100% organic label since that means they are the real organic products that are already certified so you can really trust the brand and use it to your benefit.

2. Search review

If you really do not understand the label, then you can try to search for the product review online. Sometimes people will write good review and mention if the product is indeed organic or not.

3. Ask around

This last step must be done by all makeup lovers who try to find the best organic makeup brands. You can try to ask around to your friends and family which product that they use or whether they have tried the product you plan to purchase.

List of 10 best organic makeup brands


To make it easy for you, let us give you a list of several makeup brands that we think as the best in the market today:

1. Origins

As the name, this brand really the origin of most organic makeup as they already made since 1990. With more than two decades on the run, this brand is known to be the leader of organic makeup that is not only natural but also high in quality. They only using organic material and already certified natural since they do not have any toxic material in their product. They are produced with renewable source using energy from wind and earth friendly method. So if you want not only best organic makeup brands, but also a brand that pay attention to preserving the environment, then this brand is the one for you.

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2. RMS beauty

As a makeup artist, the founder of this brand surely knows how harsh the makeup would be especially when your skin is constantly being exposed to the chemical inside it. This is why RMS beauty is created so not only you will get a natural makeup but the product should still be working well. Furthermore she not only creates the product with organic ingredient, but she takes it further by making the product using food grade material. This means the makeup will be able to rejuvenate and heal your skin since they do not contains any chemical or any synthetic vitamin and preservative. So for you who want to illuminate your perfect skin, then you should try this product.

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3. Afterglow cosmetic

As the name implicate this cosmetic has glam collection makeup which suitable for you who want high end style of makeup. The product is made from mineral ingredients, with organic color infusion to make it look natural. It does not use any synthetic dye, preservatives, and even perfume. So if you want to get full spectrum brand with natural look, then this is your best organic makeup brands.

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4. Dr. Hauschka

You might already know this brand as this cosmetic collection really popular brand in the world. They already implement green and natural line on their makeup even from 1967 so you should not doubt this German based brand. Not only the makeup can make you look good, but they also do it in eco friendly method. They believe that a healthy skin is the real beautiful skin, thus they want their makeup to be able to achieve that healthy skin to make you look beautiful. The skin expert uses a biologic method to complement your skin and make it healthy in long term.

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5. Tata harper

The entire product from this best organic makeup brands are made using 100% natural ingredient. To maintain their quality all of their products are only made in small batch inside their high standard laboratory. That is why you can believe that this brand will really make fresh product with great quality without any toxic because it is made using all natural ingredients.

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6. Sephora organic & natural line

With many branch across the globe, you surely find Sephora store everywhere which make it even easier to get your hands on their organic and natural makeup line. You might also know how well the quality of their products are, this make you feel assured when using this brand. So do not forget to try Sephora’s organic and natural line makeup when you try to find the best product to use.

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7. Physician’s Formula

If you are conscious about your makeup then you should really use this best organic makeup brands. Their product is made from 100% natural ingredients and 80% of them are organic ingredients which makes it a good brand to try. The best thing about this brand is that their product is actually very affordable so you do not have to break your bank account only to look beautiful. Furthermore you can easily found the makeup product that you want in any drugstore that spread nationwide which makes this brand easily found anywhere you are.

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8. Living nature

This New Zealand brand also one of the leading brands in regards of organic and natural makeup since they have been around for more than 25 years. They also committed to only use ingredient that is 100% natural without using any chemical or synthetic preservatives. They use rich botanical ingredient which already known worldwide, which makes the brand really stand out more in the market.

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9. Alima Pure

This brand started from the founder concern to her young daughter use of makeup since there are many leads and toxic inside the ingredient so she decide to make her makeup line. Not only this makeup organic but it is also made from natural material which makes it safe to be used by youngster which start to use makeup since early age. They have 100% mineral makeup line which various pigmented shades which all very beautiful to attract youngsters to this brand.

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10. Vapour organic beauty

This best organic makeup brands is focusing in creating all natural makeup with high performance to give you great result. They do not use any filler in their product and they have at least 70% organic ingredient in their natural makeup which makes this brand trustable. Furthermore they offer wide range of makeup collection to fulfill your beauty needs.

Finding the best organic makeup brands that could suits you might be difficult, that is why you must try some brands until you find one that could suits you. Keep trying and find other organic brands which may suits you better, or you can also try to mix and match several brands.

If you already find good foundation on one brand, it does not mean the other product will suits your skin. So it is still alright if you want to use other product with your suitable foundation, and do not forget to always read the labels on the product you want to try. We hope you like our eBeautyLabs site, please let us know how we are doing in the comments below.

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