Top 10 Best Organic Lip Balms You Should Try

Best Organic Lip Balms
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We bet some of you are having difficulties finding the best organic lip balm right? Lip balm has been used since long ago and its popularity means that there are a lot of different products to choose from; choosing just one that suits you the best is pretty difficult.

Even if you cut the selections by just using the organic ones, the recent surge of people wanting organic things just makes thing a little more difficult. But now you do not have to worry, because we are here and we will give you 10 of the best among the organic lip balm that you need to check.

Top 10 best organic lip balm checklist

1. Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose/Rose Sauvage

The first organic lip balm that you need to check on this best organic lip balm review is the Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose or Rose Sauvage. One of the reasons why people love using the organic makeup is due to its natural fragrance and that it is very gentle on the skin, this lip balm has it all. As the name implies, it has rose colored shade and it is made from something entirely natural such as rise wax and shea butter for the main ingredients. The other thing that makes this lip balm so good is the fact that it is a great replacement for a lipstick, as it gives stronger coloring than your average lip balm. This product is also available for cheap with just $12 price tag, those who wish for a deep red coloring would appreciate this product.

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2. Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip

One other versatile lip balm and one of the best organic lip balm for dry lips, this Kari Gran tinted Lip Whip is one of the most eco friendly lip balm ever made, it is affordable and available in different coloring. The lip balm is made entirely on natural ingredients with camellia oils, calendula and avocado taking the biggest parts; this lip balm is available between grand cinnamon and peppermint version. The reason why the Kari gran tinted Lip Whip is great for a person with dry lips is because this product has a great moisturizing property, it will add moisture to your lips and the lip balm itself last for quite a long time. The price that you have to pay to get one of this is $15 each.

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3. Josie Maran Argan Balm

We don’t really care about the price of the product as long as it’s good and this Josie Maran Argan Balm might repulse some people due to its price tag alone despite it being very good. This product cost $42, but before you turn away, this lip balm is the best organic lip balm for chapped lips that you can get. This Josie Maran Argan Balm is made from natural ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, and argan oil plus the formula proven to be very effective, this balm will prevent your lips from going dry. If you have trouble with your charred lips, you can also use this balm as one treatment method; just use it at nighttime before you went to bed.

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4. The Honest Company Organic Lip Trio

One of the best deals that you can get from an organic lip balm, the Honest Company Organic Lip Trio offers you three different lip balms in one package and what makes it even better is that you can get the package with just $9. But there is a reason why we put this as one of the best organic lip balm products. The honest Company Organic Lip Trio is not only a gentle lip balm that acts as a beauty product; it is also providing treatments to your lips in order to make it healthier. This product act as moisturizer to your lip and with three different coloring to choose from just from one package: Tahitian Tamanu Oil, Essential Oils, and Lavender Mint, it just make the value goes higher.

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5. Dr. Bronner’s Lemon Lime Organic Lip Balm

You need your lip balm mostly on winter because the cold weather will make your lips dry, but with this Dr. Bronner’s Lemon Lime Organic Lip Balm, that problem is no more. As one of the best organic lip balm for winter, this lemon scented lip balm will not only protect your lips from drying but it will make it softer and looks even more beautiful; not to mention that it actually got a refreshing scent as well. The main ingredients of this lip balm are jojoba oil, avocado and hemp oil, these are what moisturize your lips whenever you apply this lip balm. With a cost of just $3 it is truly a lip balm made for everyone, and by everyone we mean that anyone can use it; this lip balm is also good for those with sensitive lips as well.

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6. Olio E Osso Balm

Known to be one of the best organic lip balm ever out there, the world brought us the Olio E Osso Balm and this lip balm is a quality. What makes this lip balm so good is not just it’s the result it gave after you apply it on your lips, but what it can do. It can do almost everything that other organic lip balm can do combined. This Olio E Osso Balm is good for your lips condition and well being, it is absolutely environmental friendly, it can be used practically anytime you want and it feels very light. The product itself cost $28 each and it is a great price to pay for something that has quality and versatility as this product, you can use it as it is or with lipstick on top of it.

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7. Ecco Bella Vitamin E Lip Smoother

The name of the product already describes itself doesn’t it? The Ecco Bella Vitamin E Lip Smoother is a healthy natural lip balm that will help you maintain the healthy color of your lip due to the vitamin E it contains and once applied, it will make your lips looks a lot smoother. This lip balm is also a good moisturizer and it can be used as it is without lipstick due to the smooth accent and colors it’s providing to your lips. Ecco Bella lip balm product is available for $20 each; fortunately there are various colors that we can choose from.

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8. Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry/Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Twin Pack

With this product, you are forced to buy two lip balms in one package and that is actually a good thing. The Wild Cherry and Vanilla Bean lip balms on this package is made by the best organic lip balm manufacturer; the Burt’s Bees; one company that made only natural friendly products. The package cost you only $6 for those two lip balms and those of you who wanted the best quality with the cheapest price possible, this is the product that you should get. The twin lip balms are very great, it is not only good and gentle to your lips, but once applied it will make your lips looks a lot better. And as an organic product, these lip balms only contains natural ingredients like cherry oil, shea better and of course the beeswax, in other words this lip balm is filled with vitamin R that will makes your lips healthier for a longer time.

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9. L’Occitane Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter

The L’Occitane Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter is one product that you can safely get if you are afraid that the other organic lip balms might cause some bad side effects for you, the “certified” on its name is not just for show, this product guarantees that it will make your lips better and protect it from harm no matter what seasons you are in. The versatility of this product is made possible due to the natural ingredients that it has which mostly consisted of shea butter, not to mention this lip balm is rich with vitamin E. this product is also safe to be used for anyone and that also includes those with sensitive skin, the only problem is the price since it got $42 price tag.

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10. Acure Lip Balm in Dark Chocolate + Mint

This Acure Lip Balm in Dark Chocolate + Mint offers you something different than the other natural lip balms listed on this review, it actually tasted very well like a chocolate cookie. Well, that trait is certainly an interesting take, it probably caters to a more niche audience, but it actually is a product that can be used for anyone.

This lip balm ingredients are mainly coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, peppermint, and do not forget the chocolate flavor oil. Although it contains chocolate, it does not contain any calories so it is very healthy for your skin, just remember that it is not to be consumed, and it cost only $4 a piece.

Now you do not have to be afraid anymore once winter came, just get one or more of these best organic lip balm products and you are set to face the chilly cold winter right on.

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