Top 10 Best Korean Beauty Brands Worth Trying

Best Korean Beauty Brands Worth Trying
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With globalization, more and more international makeup brands get introduced and here you will find the best Korean beauty brands that have the quality comparable to the already famous brands. Of course, some of these products are pretty obscure and you might never even hear of the names, the Korean makeup tools and brands are very delightful to use, why? That is because they prioritize your skin first before anything else. Although they set their priority to the condition of the skin, it does not stop them for being innovative and here are 10 of the best result of those innovations.

10 Best Korean beauty brands checklist


1. Clio

This brand is relatively new, but it rocketed into the popularity and it is now one of the best Korean beauty brands 2016. Used very commonly among the celebrities, this brand offer you a lot of interesting makeup tools in which one of them received international recognition, the Clio Kill Black Eyeliner is one of the best beauty products that everyone must have. The eyeliner is only $18 a piece and offers you quality not like any other; it’s versatile and will not create any smudge, it is very easy to use as well. The other notable products from Clio that has top qualities are the Kill Cover Foundation; this foundation has one of the most areas that it can cover and it will not make your face oily. And for those of you who have sensitive eyes, the Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner is for you to get.

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2. Etude House

The Etude House is another unique and innovative Korean beauty brands to look for and different to any other brands, the Etude House is focused on making girls to become a princess. With a motto like “let out your pink!” you know what kinds of beauty tools you are going to get from this brand and that is what makes this brand eligible for this best Korean beauty brands list. So what kinds of product that the Etude House has to offer? One of its famous products is the beauty Shot Face Blur; this is a cream that hides all of your skin’s imperfection, but the fact that it’s so light and gentle makes it easier to wear. Its double lasting foundation is also reviewed quite well.

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3. Missha

Missha is a brand that is well known to be using attractive and interesting packaging for their products, but in this best Korean beauty brands review, packaging counts for nothing so there must be something about this brand that makes it good without considering its packaging. Some of its newest products are reviewed very well; one of its most famous products is the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, this is water-like product is priced for $49 and it has the effect to make your skin healthier and eliminate any imperfection, and surprisingly, it actually works.

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4. Skinfood

Remember when we say that the Korean products are about the skin? The Skinfood brand is probably the epitome of that philosophy, as the name implies, this brand has a wide range of products that are meant to make your skin healthier and better. It gives nutritious substances to the skin to make looks better and smoother; which makes it one of the best Korean beauty brands for face on this list. One of its products that you have to try is the Egg White Pore Foam Cleaner, a white and gentle cleansing product. It acts surprisingly quick, and after just one use, you will notice that your face feels a lot softer. The Black Sugar Wash Off Mask is another product that you need to try, it moisturize your skin and also exfoliated it; it leaves brown sugar scent as well.

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5. Mizon

And another thing about the Korean brand is the innovation; few beat the Mizon brand in that regard. The Mizon is probably the best Korean beauty brands ever in terms of innovation, it is known for producing beauty products made from something that are not usually used as ingredients to be one of their most important material for the product; one of the most convincing example of this is one of their product use snail extract as the main ingredients. The all-in-one Snail Cream is priced for $38, and believe it or not, this is one of Mizon best selling product in Asia and for a good reason. This cream reduce the appearance of acne while at the same time helps improving the fine line son the skin with 92% snail extract, it actually works wonder.

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6. Holika Holika

Another Korean product with very interesting packaging, the Holika Holika brand is a standout, but using their products will makes your skin looks better and healthier. This brand is another Korean brand who loves to innovate, it also got itself a product with snail extract as the main ingredients; it also claims to have 3 times more snail extract that its competitor. Other products from Holika Holika that you should consider is the Magic Pole Waterproof Mascara, as the name implies, this mascara is waterproof and it got one of the weirdest looking wand ever. The wand of this product is shaped like a sea urchin, but before you creep out, it actually makes applying the mascara a lot better, although we have to admit that it will not suits everyone. The mascara itself is perfect for those with sensitive skins due to the fact that it use mostly natural ingredients.

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7. Laneige

The Laneige products are well known for being very good for the health, it is more like nutrients for the skin with being a makeup product as the second priority, but that does not mean it performs worse. The Laneige brand is one of the best Korean beauty brands makeup for a reason, it keeps your skin hydrated all the time and that is not exaggeration, water is their most important ingredients. When you are searching for Laneige products, you will notice that most of their product has “water” on its name in which their Water Sleeping Mask being one of the most popular and sought after product. The Water Sleeping Mask does not only hydrate your skin, but it smells wonderful as well. One problem of this product is that it might not be suitable for some types of skin.

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8. The Face Shop

If you follow the makeup products regularly then you must know of the Face Shop, after all, this brand is probably the best Korean beauty brands in US. The Face Shop is a brand known for using natural ingredients in their entire product thus their products are all very good for you and it sits a wide range of skin types. Their products are all healthy and natural, but one other thing that makes them stand out is their cheap and affordable price points. One of the Face Shop product that you need to try is their Seaweeds Moisturizing Pack, this product claims to be 100% free of oil, very light and gentle on the skin, and helps you cure your dry skin problem. But does it really true? Being one of its best selling products means that it is all true, this moisturizing pack is very soothing on the skin and it does wonder for those with sensitive skin as well.

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9. Tonymoly

Looking at the packaging of the Tonymoly products, it is safe to say that their main target is the teenage girls. The packaging for this brand is truly not like any others, this brand got one of the cutest packaging for any beauty products ever. But packaging only carries you so much, the fact is, the effects of their products are also as good as their appearances. Take the Red Cheeks Girls Patch for example, this patch will moisturize and hydrates your skin, it is perfect for any types of skin. Aquaporin Waterful Emulsion is a product for those who having trouble with acne. When applied, it will not make your face feels greasy and it also hydrates the skin. The Magic Food Mango mild Sun block comes in a package which looks like a mango, but it actually is a very effective sun block.

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10. Touch in SOL

One of the top brands in the world, the Touch in SOL does not only make you looks better, but it also helps you keep your skin healthy. They got a wide range of products that covers all the essential parts, not only that they are healthy, but they also offer various colors as well. The touch in SOL products are known to be very versatile and offer many effects at once. The Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base is a product which is made with honey as its main ingredients; it acts to boost the radiance of the skin, makes it look firm and at the same time is also act as a moisturizer. The Dark Long Lasting Primer Base will even your skin tone while making it glows with radiant color while at the same time will also covers the imperfections on the skin.

The Korean brands are truly unique and innovative, if you want to try using one; we suggest you only choose one from these best Korean beauty brands that we’ve listed.

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