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Olympian University of Cosmetology
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Beauty schools are just ideal for students who want to try something extraordinary and different. They will help you get a better idea and all needed knowledge about the beauty itself and how to maximize it. Additional skills these schools offer include barber, salon ownership, nail care, cosmetologist degrees and etc.

By 2020, the demand for this profession will grow for an additional 10%, which is more than just a high score. Now is the perfect time to start this kind of education, but you will have to know which the best cosmetology schools are. We have found them for you.

1. Northland Pioneer CollegeNorthland Pioneer College is one of the best cosmetology schools

Northland Pioneer College is one of the best cosmetology schools without a question. The main fact is that here students can get three different programs. They are AAS (Associate of Applied Science), CAS (Certificate in Applied Science) and CP (Certificate of Proficiency). The AAS degree is the most complicated to get and it requires the most hours. However, CAS programs require conventional classes. Just in case, this college can be attended in three different campuses, all of them are high-tech.

The main reason, why we rated this college as the best here, is the fact 37% of students get financial aid. Even better, there are 5 programs in total and it offers the highest teacher-student ratio (01:10). Credit for experience and counseling are supported as well. The second reason, why we have rated this college high is the complexity of it. It is one of the more difficult colleges to compete, meaning that it requires the highest amount of knowledge. After you have completed a program, passing the state test is mandatory.

2. London School of Beauty & Make-UpLondon School of Beauty & Make-Up


For all who want something a bit different, the London School of Beauty & Make-Up is a great choice. The school of cosmetology inquestion is a high-end educational facility where some of the best make-up artists and fashion-related individuals have completed their courses and their education. The school was founded in 1995, and within the first few years since the foundation, it has become one of the best-known schools of this kind in the United Kingdom. Even today, it is commonly rated among the top cosmetology schools.

An interesting fact is that students can choose between full-time courses that last 47 weeks or short ones that last just one day. Their degrees and accomplishments are accepted across the planet. It is definitely one of the best cosmetology schools on the planet, but it isn’t the most affordable. A single course can cost you up to $500 and more exclusive courses and training will cost $15.000. For this amount of money, students get amazing opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and learn from the best. The school has a lot of additional possibilities to offer and it is one of those facilities that should be visited.

3. International Academy for Health & Skin Care, South AfricaInternational Academy for Health & Skin Care, South Africa

In South Africa, we have one of the best cosmetology schools ever founded. The school itself was founded in 1990 and it is a private facility. Is it affordable? Not so much, but it is responsible for some of the biggest names in the beauty industry. The cosmetology school cost is among some of the highest in the region and some of higher in this type of education. However, once completed, students can hold lectures, own their own beauty salon and can work with botox. The opportunities are endless.

Thanks to some of the diplomas you will get, such as ITEC Diploma or SAAHSP, and a lot more, people who complete a 2 year course will get an exclusive license to work on cruisers. It is the perfect way to visit the Caribbean and many other luxury resorts around the globe. We will also add the fact that on the academy, students are prepared for spa treatments, aesthetics, and even management! After completion of 2 years, students can have one year more, in order to improve their knowledge even more.

4. Elite International, School of Beauty and Spa TherapiesElite International, School of Beauty and Spa Therapies

From South Africa, we go to New Zealand, simply because it is the home of Elite International, School of Beauty and Spa Therapies. This is also one of the best cosmetology schools in the world and it enjoys a huge reputation, especially in the beauty industry. Why are they the best? They offer high levels of education only, such as level 4 and level 5. Even more important, they are NZQA acknowledged. After this education, students get some of the most appreciated diplomas in spa and beauty fields. They are perfectly capable of opening their own salons and becoming some of the best professionals in the business.

This school is private, but the government funds it, meaning that it is possible to get financial aid and to make education more affordable. For those who want certifications only, the school offers a variety of courses and training as well. They also enjoy a huge popularity in New Zealand and in the world. As the name says, this is an elite place, so it is developed purely for perfection. It is difficult to complete, but after that, all paths are possible.

5. ACHDB (Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty)ACHDB (Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty)

One of the best cosmetology schools in Australia is also one of the best schools of this type across the planet. We liked the fact it is an elite establishment, developed for learning the students for a tough life in the beauty industry. What we liked, even more, is the fact, hair design is available as well. This may be one of the rare skills to learn, but it is definitely one of those that should be tried. Let’s not forget the real-life training. The possibility in question places students in real-life situations, so they can experience their future jobs more closely. It is a rare advantage that should be taken into consideration.

Available certifications reach levels 3 and 4, but the school is currently working on improving the certifications and adding the level 5. All of them are divided into hairstyling, makeup and spa categories. If we add some of the best professors and the best study environment, we can understand why this school is on our list.

6. Olympian University of CosmetologyOlympian University of Cosmetology

The Olympian University of Cosmetology is one of the best cosmetology schools in the United States. What makes it so perfect are different campuses. They are available in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and etc. The college itself has more than 1.000 students per year and it is one of the biggest in the states. The next best things are the education and training. They are developed especially for crafting professional makeup artists, nail instructors and all other occupations related to the beauty industry. We also liked the fact that you can send an application over the internet, visiting their official website.

A unique advantage this university has is learning and trying different beauty products. During the education, you will get a better idea about products that should be used, which one is the best for a specific task and those that should be avoided. Education begins quickly and on the first day, you will get an idea about your entire education and on what you will have to do.

7. Canadian Beauty CollegeCanadian Beauty College

The best beauty school in Canada and one of the best cosmetology schools global wide has to be the Canadian Beauty College. Here, students can get different certificates and diplomas, all related to beauty. As such, most students actually become successful business owners, thanks to a proper education. A great fact is that this school implements workshops and advanced training. All latest methods are available as soon as possible and all different courses are available all the time. Here, you can become ready in just 10 months and start your business in no time at all. What’s more, the scholarship is one of the most affordable in the region.

We will have to mention that the education is a bit innovative. There are a lot of different and special techniques available and all professors are known for different classes and training. Nevertheless, this is an excellent beauty school that produces some of the best professionals in the business.

8. Marinello Schools of Beauty

This chain of schools has shut down. If you’re looking as to why or need more information, please click on the link above.

Founded back in 1905, carries a name of the founder of the cosmetology and constantly impress the world with some of the best professionals in spa and beauty businesses. The name of this school is Marinello Schools of Beauty and it is located in Los Angeles. Here, students from all parts of the world come to acquire advanced and in some cases even superior knowledge that is simply precious. The next best thing is the number of available diplomas and certifications. Both of them are accepted national wide and some countries actually prefer experts from this school!

A unique advantage is carrier assistance. As the result, students who complete this school, are constantly among some of the best and the most successful people in the beauty/spa business. Of all best cosmetology schools in the United States, only this one is well-known for superior training. Now, we will also mention that the name comes from Giovanni Marinello. As you may know, he is the founder of cosmetology. This is another reason why the school in question is rated as a high-end educational facility.

9. Aveda Cosmetology & Beauty SchoolsAveda Cosmetology & Beauty Schools

Aveda Cosmetology & Beauty Schools are commonly known as Aveda Group. This educational facility is far more than just a single school. They have facilities across the planet, including the United States, Korea, Canada and Australia. What’s best is the fact that each school works completely individual, but in a case, a student needs assistance from another school, he can get it. All schools work on a simple principle and the main goal is to educate and prepare people for jobs in the beauty industry.

The group has plenty of spa and salons across the world. They are commonly used for the educational purposes, so students experience actual jobs and working environment. It is also possible to learn and try working with different nations and in different countries. A separate attention is directed towards the cosmetology. Here, each student will get all the tools and knowledge to become hair stylist or some of the well-known professionals, obviously, but he will also be educated to start a new kind of business or profession. Students are also educated for different, less-known jobs related to the cosmetology. This is one of the best cosmetology schools for training professional cosmetologists, capable of working literally anywhere.

10. Randolph Community CollegeRandolph Community College

Randolph Community College has been making several improvements and modifications over the past year. As the result, this is also one of the best cosmetology schools in 2017. We liked the fact that students can choose between A diploma and AAS degree. The first one takes 1 year, and the second one lasts for 2 years. AAS (Associate in Applied Science) diploma is widely accepted and it is appreciated across the United States. RCC (Randolph Community College) is available as well and according to the college statistics, it is more than the just popular choice of the students.

Around 11% of students can get financial aid and this number is increasing as we speak. The student-professor ratio is more than just good as well. It is 13:01, which is one of the highest results in the states. Let’s not forget about the placement services, credit for experience and counseling benefits. The bottom line of this college is that students get all the knowledge and skills they need in a simple way, without having to waste time on unneeded things.

After completion, students are perfectly capable of working independently and achieving high goals and results in the chosen industry. This is an affordable alternative to some of the more modern beauty schools across the world. It is a valuable opportunity that deserves your attention!



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