Is Cosmetology a Good Career?

Is Cosmetology a Good Career

Is Cosmetology a Good Career?

Cosmetology can be a difficult career to break into. After all, you need to communicate well with clients, show incredible creativity with new styles, and commit a lot of time and effort to honing your craft. Simply put, most people just won’t make it as a cosmetologist!

So, is cosmetology a good career? Cosmetology is a great field if you like to show your creativity and make others feel great about their physical appearance. You can also set your own flexible schedule that fits into your specific lifestyle. Better yet, the average cosmetologist makes about $30,000 a year plus tips and commission. 

Cosmetology is a great career if you appreciate doing something new every single day. So, let’s go over everything you need to know about why cosmetology just might be the career you’ve been looking for!

What Is Cosmetology?

The job of a cosmetologist is to make clients look more beautiful. 

However, what you actually end up doing as a cosmetologist depends on what you specialize in. Your job might include styling hair, giving manicures and pedicures, or applying makeup. It can also be a combination of any (or more) of those things.

To become a cosmetologist, you need to complete cosmetology school and become licensed in your state. This can take less than a year if you’re attending full-time, but it’ll probably take you a few years on a part-time basis.

The Salary of a Cosmetologist

The average salary for an American cosmetologist is about $30,000 every year. Other data suggests that cosmetologists earn about $18.47 an hour. But most cosmetologists are actually paid on commission, not hourly as the data suggests.

Here’s how that works.

Many salons will split the commission with their cosmetologists 50/50. Since this is based on sales and services, you’ll earn 50% of the fees that your salon charges for the services you complete. 

The more you sell and provide during the day, the more money you’ll take home. Plus, you’ll earn more commission as you bring in more clients and sales.

Extra Income From Tips

Unfortunately, $30,000 a year in salary isn’t all that much in 2020. In fact, the average salary in America is more than twice that amount.

But, since most cash tips aren’t reported when filing your taxes, the average salary for a cosmetologist is likely a lot higher. In fact, a significant portion of your income will come from tips earned. These tips come directly from customers and might boost your income by an extra 20% or more.

Building Up a Client Base

Cosmetology is definitely a great career path if you enjoy meeting new people and building relationships. That’s because you’ll spend all of your time working one-on-one with the same clients for months or even years. And on top of that, you’ll make friends with the other stylists at the salon.

But what makes cosmetology such a great career is that you play your own part in advancing your career.

As you build a good reputation around the salon, you’re much more likely to get clients to refer to their friends and family. Not only will this bring in customers and keep you entertained while on the clock, but it’ll also earn you a lot more cash. And, as you bring in more clients, the salon owner is likely to give you a bigger split of the commission.

So, your success definitely gets noticed and rewarded.

Expressing Your Creativity

Unlike most office jobs, you’re not heading to the salon every day to the same exact job, day in and day out. Every single day as a cosmetologist will be different, and you’ll get to try new things and show your talents when working on clients. 

This is also a great way to keep yourself entertained while earning some money.

One of the best parts of being a cosmetologist is that you’re not confined to specific guidelines. You can obviously do what clients request, but you also have quite a bit of freedom to try out new things and further hone your craft. Every client is like a human canvas that you get to perfect, just like a “normal” artist.

It would be hard to find another career where you have so much freedom.

Helping Others

If you’re considering a career as a cosmetologist, it’s probably because you yourself like to look good. So, why not get involved in a career where you get to help others feel the same? You can help people to feel more confident while also feeling good about the work you’ve completed.

Most importantly, not everyone can do what you’re doing as a cosmetologist. 

Sure, it’s easy to learn how to use a computer program or perform menial tasks at an office. But, it takes a lot of hard work and skill to become a great cosmetologist. So, why not share your craft with the world and improve how people feel about themselves?

If you have this talent, you might as well use it to help others.

Flexible Schedule

One of the best parts of being a cosmetologist is that you’re not working a normal 9 to 5 job. In fact, you basically have the choice between working full-time or part-time depending on the salon you choose to work at. This gives you the ability to schedule your shifts around other important pieces of your life. 

That’s especially useful if you have children at home or if you go to school part-time.

It also means that you have a somewhat flexible schedule. Some salon owners might allow you to work as many hours a week as you want, which can definitely increase your wages and tips earned throughout the year. Plus, you can take advantage of busy times at the salon to secure a larger client base.

This is definitely the career for you if you don’t like rigid scheduling.

Guiding Your Own Career

You might not like a lot of things about the typical workplace in America. One of those things might be staying stationary in your career. For a lot of jobs, you’ll find yourself in the same exact position for years to come, without earning any extra money or promotions for your hard work.

As a cosmetologist, you’re not forced to work for anyone. 

That’s because most cosmetologists are actually considered to be “self-employed.” That means that you don’t have to work for a salon to bring in some income. You can actually work for yourself instead and consider a career as somewhat of a “freelance” cosmetologist. 

This gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to advancing your career and boosting your income. Though you’ll probably have to buy your own equipment and recruit your own client base at first, you don’t report to anyone but yourself. 

That makes cosmetology the perfect career if you like to have control over your career.


Cosmetology is definitely not the perfect career for everyone, but it might be for you! Ask yourself these questions and figure out if this is the right career for you:

  • Do you like to have decent control of your income?
  • Do you enjoy showing your creativity and trying new things?
  • Do you like meeting new people and building relationships?
  • Do you prefer having control over your work schedule?
  • Do you like to help others?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions and enjoy cosmetology as a whole, you might want to consider this new career path.


Best MAC Eyeshadows in 2020

best mac eyeshadow

If you are a fan of MAC and its product then this best MAC eyeshadows is made just for you. MAC is not a newcomer on the cosmetic industry, they have been on the industry for so long and have accumulated a large amount of followers and fans all around the world and thus they are known for being one company with a large number of different cosmetic products.

They also released different numbers of eyeshadow products that are mac eye shadow must haves over the years and each of them is different to one another. In this article, you will find which one is the best and which one suits your needs better.

Top 10 Best MAC Eyeshadows Reviewed

1. Satin Taupe

People have different characteristics and preferences so they requires different kinds of makeup and cosmetics tools or styling thus MAC releases various products in order to fulfill individual needs.

For those who have blue eyes, you want an eyeshadow that can make your eyes looks more mesmerizing and among of its product, Satin Taupe is one of the best MAC eyeshadows for blue eyes.

People with blue eyes should avoid any eyeshadows with blue colored shade while the Satin Taupe give you the contrast that you are desperately needs as it will make your blue eyes stands out more.

This Satin Taupe is an eyeshadow with brownish with bronze accent color shade, it also has grey undertone to makes it looks more classic taupe. One of the best features of this product is how easy it is to build something with it, a very buildable eyeshadow.

2. Ground Brown

You probably need more than one type of eyeshadow at your disposal for various different occasions, thus this Ground Brown eyeshadow is one of the essential eyeshadow colors that should always be in your makeup kit or part of your cosmetics collection.

Still one of the best MAC eyeshadows, the beauty of this product is that it can help give the appearance of making your eyelashes look thicker even though the color isn’t on them.

And fortunately the Ground Brown eyeshadow is a lot more versatile than just that, it can also be used for several other purposes; one of which is if you want to make some more dimension in your outer-v, this is the eyeshadow that you can trust.


3. Twinks

People with hazel eyes should have no difficulty in choosing their right MAC eyeshadow products, after all, hazel eyes means having more than one color for their eyes, but there are some colors that they need to stay away from.

But if you still cannot decide which one is a perfect suits for you then you can always counts on the best MAC eyeshadows for hazel eyes which is the Twinks; this product is more suitable if you have brown hazel color, but can be used perfectly for different colors as well.

The Twinks eyeshadow is an eyeshadow with a red plum color as major but has minor gold tones, this combination will makes your eyes even more stands out. It is very easy to use, very smooth on your skin and it is heavily pigmented as well. This product is a must have.

4. Woodwinked

If you have brown eye color then you have it easy, there are a lot of color shades that you can use easily, but if you want the best MAC eyeshadows for brown eyes for your collection or regular use then the Woodwinked is the one to get.

The point with the brown colored eye is that you can use different kinds of shades for different kinds of occasions easily, but with the Woodwinked eyeshadow, it can be used for any kinds of occasions as it looks perfect at day and at night.

Of course, whether if you use it at night or day will requires different technique; you can blend the eyeshadow into the crease if you use it for some occasions happening at daytime and at nighttime occasion, this eyeshadow can be used to create something like a sultry smokey eye.

5. Cork

Now, even if you matching eyeshadow with your eye color, it would be trouble if you do not matched the product with your skin tone as well. If you have a fair skin tone and cannot decide on your eyeshadow then we suggest you to take a look at the Cork eyeshadow.

Considered as one of the best MAC eyeshadows for fair skin, Cork has medium brown color that is heavily pigmented, it is used to hides your imperfection which is clearly visible on your pale skin tone.

It is also heavily used to define the crease of the eye and it can also be used to define the outer v of your eye as well and if you are going for a warmer toned look, its heavily pigmented color is perfect for that.


6. Expensive Pink

If MAC has a product specifically made to help those with pale skin, they do have something for those with darker skin; in fact there are a lot. But if you just want to try for the best MAC eyeshadows for dark skin then we suggest you to try the Expensive Pink eyeshadow.

What is expensive about this eyeshadow is the pink color, the coloration is not full plain pink color, but it has kind of gold coloring and coral as well, it is also gives you shimmery finish; albeit very minor but very visible. It is very versatile as it can be used anytime and anywhere as well as for any occasions.

7. Kids

There are also MAC eyeshadow products that can be situational to be used and this Kid eyeshadow is one of them. Fortunately, although it might seem situational, it is also a quality eyeshadow that you can wear casually every day, but what kind of situation that this eyeshadow can help you with? If you want to hide those dark circles or you got some harsh lines that needs to be blended in, this is the right eyeshadow to go.

It has medium to light brown color which looks very natural; of course, it is more suitable for those with natural skin tone and very popular due to its heavy beige shade. This eyeshadow is the go-to eyeshadow for those who need something for crease and transition.

8. Samoa Silk

Sometimes you do not need to wear something flashy and for those who need something that can be used freely and is able to give warmer tone to your eyes then the Samoa Silk is the way to go.

The color of this eyeshadow is very light, perfect for those with neutral skin and those who want neutral colored eyeshadow, but it still managed to warm the tone after it is applied properly.

What makes the Samoa Silk eyeshadow great are its heavy pigmentation, the great texture and smoothness, not to mention that it is very easy to apply and also easily build-able.

9. Nylon

Looking for something shimmery that can gives your eyes the perfect glow? If you do, then this Nylon eyeshadow is the perfect product to look at.

The Nylon eyeshadow is pale gold colored eyeshadow; some people consider the color to be silvery with very heavy pigmented color, once applied it will be able to gives you the glow that can make you eyes stand out more.

Due to its glow effect, it is best used only on special occasions and it lasts a very long time as well; approximately 3 to 4 hours. Other uses of the Nylon eyeshadow is to brow your highlights, it can also be ued to gives the same glow to your cheek. A very versatile eyeshadow, the Nylon can also be found easily and cost the same as the others.

10. All That Glitters

For those who are not a fan of MAC product but interested to try something from their eyeshadow lines or someone who is new to eyeshadow then we suggest you to take a look at the All That Glitters, arguably the best MAC eyeshadows to start with.

As the name implies, this eyeshadow is not something you would wear everyday because it gives you that metallic finish with its rose gold color shade which is very showy and glows brightly on light.

What makes it great for newbie of someone who are new to MAC eyeshadow line is its heavily pigmented color, no blind spots whatsoever and more importantly, it is very easy to get the results that you want.


Those are all the best MAC eyeshadows that you can buy, all of them are inexpensive, but there are some that are rarer and cost more than the ones I have gone over above.

So what’s your favorite go to color? Let us know by commenting below!!!

How To Organize Makeup On Your Counter

organize your makeup

Whether you keep your makeup and cosmetic products on the bathroom counter or a bedroom vanity, chances are you’ve noticed bottles, jars and tubs pile up throughout the weeks, months and maybe even years.

Use this guide to organizing your makeup and cosmetics for a clean, efficient and well-stocked counter and vanity, without the hassle of sorting through piles of blush, lipstick, mascara and lotions.

What To Throw Away

unorganized makeupBefore you begin organizing your makeup, lotions and face washes, you’ll need to remove items you no longer want, or are no longer effective. There’s no sense in taking up space with items you can’t or won’t use.

Sort through your collection and throw away:

  • Mascara: Mascara that is older than six months can contain bacteria, and may not work as effectively as when purchased. It is suggested that you throw out any mascara that has reached this age.
  • Liquid Eyeliner: Like mascara, liquid eyeliner can also harbor bacteria, and should be replaced every six months.
  • Foundation: If you do not use foundation every day, this product can last up to 18 months. Past that, the formula will break down and change color, potentially causing skin irritation and uneven coverage.
  • Brushes: Wash your brushes at least once per month to remove dirt, makeup and bacteria. Replace them at least every two to three years.
  • Concealer: This makeup favorite should last you up to one year. After that, toss it.
  • Powder: Unlike liquid makeup and cosmetic products, powder can last you longer than the traditional 18-month toss out period. Keep powder products up to two years. After that, be sure to replace them.
  • Sponges: If you use cosmetic sponges to apply foundation or lotion, wash them after every few uses, and replace them every month, if not sooner. Some makeup artists suggest using a fresh sponge with every makeup application.
  • Face Wash: Always replace your face washes after one year.
  • Lipstick: Lipsticks and lip balms can be kept up to two years. After that, you should replace them, no matter how much you like the shade.
  • Powder Eye Shadow: Like other powder makeup items, eye shadow can last much longer than liquid products. Keep powder eye shadow up to three years before replacing.
  • Anything Expired: Any makeup items, lotions or cleansers you have owned for 18 months or longer should be thrown away. While you may have been saving that pricey eye cream for special occasions, it has lost its potency and may be breeding bacteria. While you can use makeup and cosmetics slowly, be sure to use them within this year and a half time frame.
Ready for Planting Finished Product

How To Organize Your Cosmetics

organized makeupThe key to reducing clutter and upping efficiency in the bathroom or at your vanity is storage. Take a trip to your local Container Store, or pick up simple storage options from a retail store near you.

  • Combine your best-loved, most used makeup into one container. If you use several products every day, rather than keeping them scattered throughout various bathroom or vanity drawers, compile these items into a decorative bowl, box or bag. This can be one of the few items left on top of your sink or vanity. Find a stylish container of some sort that blends with your room décor, and can fit your daily powder/foundation/mascara etc.
  • Put rarely used or special occasion makeup aside. Just like the designated container for daily use makeup, expensive, sentimental or unusual colors and products should be placed in a drawer, shelf or cupboard. If you do not use an item more than once every six months, place it in this container, and store it out of sight. There’s no use for taking up valuable counter space with items you rarely use.
  • Sort your remaining makeup by type. Using the existing drawers in your bathroom or vanity, or a storage system you purchased, sort your remaining makeup by type. Use drawer separators to keep things organized. Group together:
    • Blushes and bronzers
    • Eye shadows
    • Mascaras
    • Eye liners
    • Foundations and concealers
    • Highlighters and other contouring/accentuating products
  • Don’t hide moderately used items. Consider purchasing clear drawers or boxes so you can easily view their contents. You’re more likely to forget you own something and allow it to expire if you can’t see it hidden in the back of a drawer or bottom of a bag or box.
  • Consolidate where you can. When possible, purchase face washes, primers or moisturizers with added benefits besides their intended use. Many washes can moisturize, many moisturizers can add sun protection, and many primers offer anti-aging benefits. With multi-purpose items like these, you’ll need to buy fewer products, helping to clear up counter and drawer space.

Mineral Makeup Brushes


How to Choose, Clean & Care For Your Mineral Makeup Brushes

Have you ever wondered how to choose mineral makeup brushes? Does information seem scattered or confusing? I’ve tried to compile all the relevant information here for you to lessen that confusion.

You may have asked yourself questions like: What kind of brush do I need to be able to apply each type of mineral makeup? Does it matter what the brush is made of? What heck is a Kabuki brush? How do I find brushes that are vegan? Are there natural mineral makeup brushes? Are the brushes I currently use good quality? How do I clean my brushes?

These questions, and others, will be answered for you here. My hope is that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make the choice of what mineral makeup brushes will fit your preferences, needs and values.

Mineral Makeup Brushes: Parts & Construction

Mineral makeup brushes have three parts:

  1. Hair (bristles)
  2. Ferrule
  3. Handle

The hair can be natural animal hair, or it can be synthetic. You can read more about this later on the page.

The ferrule is the metal part in between the hair and the handle. It covers the glued-together part of the hair and connects it to the handle. For stability and quality, it’s best if the ferrule doesn’t have any seams and if it’s crimped twice (two indented lines). Ferrules are usually made from copper, brass or aluminum.

The handle is pretty self-explanatory! It’s often made from wood, plastic or bamboo.

Brushes can be hand-made or machine-made. Hand-made brushes tend to be of better quality.

How to Clean Your Mineral Makeup Brushes

In order to properly care for your brushes and have them last for a long time, it’s important to clean them. There are lots of brush cleaners on the market, which really aren’t necessary. All you need is a good shampoo. Some people use baby shampoo because it’s mild. I like using good quality, natural shampoo.

Here’s how:

  1. Hold your brush with the hair pointing down, at a slight angle.
  2. Wet the hair under lukewarm, running water (but don’t get water in the ferrule/handle joint).
  3. Put a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, or in the palm of your hand.
  4. If you’re using your fingers, wash the hair gently with the tips of your fingers. If you’re using the palm of your hand, swirl the brush gently around in the shampoo on your hand.
  5. Once the brush is clean, rinse it under lukewarm, running water.
  6. Press the brush in a towel, or paper towel, to blot out the excess water.
  7. Form the hair back into shape, if necessary.
  8. Dry your brushes flat with the hair placed over the edge of the sink, counter or towel. Let them dry over night. Don’t dry your brushes with the hair up because the water will go into the ferrule.

How to Store Your Mineral Makeup Brushes

How do you store your makeup brushes? Do you just jam them all into a container or case of some sort, or even in a drawer or your purse? Do they get squashed and covered in stuff they shouldn’t be covered in?

Part of caring for your brushes and having them last for a long time is storing them properly.

You can do this in two ways:

1. Store your brushes with the hair up in a container with or without a lid. You can buy a container made for this purpose like in the picture above, or you can make one out of an attractive glass container, or something similar. Some people put beads or other craft materials in the container to help the brushes stand upright and not fall into each other.

2. Store your brushes flat in a roll-up makeup bag that has slots for each brush and holds them securely in place.

It’s easier to grab your brushes out of a container than out of a makeup bag. Some people like to use pretty containers that sit out on their counter or makeup table. If you like to do that, the container option might work well for you.

Personally, I don’t like stuff out in view – – I like it put away so it doesn’t interfere with my decor! A makeup bag is best if you’re like me.

It’s still easy enough to access your brushes, they’re organized well, and it’s easy to grab the entire case and take it with you when you go out.

But either way is a good way to store your mineral makeup brushes.

Types of Mineral Makeup Brushes

Things can get a bit confusing here with all the different types and styles of brushes that are available! There are kabuki brushes, powder brushes, concealer brushes, foundation brushes, a gazillion eye brushes, brushes for contouring, blending and more. There are chiseled ones, square ones, angled ones, fan ones and dome or rounded or tapered ones. Crazy!

Here are the essentials (plus two optional ones) that I think you need. It’ll really cut down on the confusion!

1. Kabuki Brush

A Kabuki brush is an absolute essential for putting on your powder foundation. It gives you that circular motion that creates great coverage and it also buffs and blends. A traditional Kabuki brush is that chubby looking brush with no handle. It just has hair and a ferrule. There are also long-handled Kabuki brushes and baby Kabuki brushes (smaller versions of the traditional one).

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2. Powder Brush

A powder brush is big and fluffy with dome-shaped hair (also called tapered because the sides are slightly shorter than the middle bristles). It’s great for finishing powder and bronzer.

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3. Blush Brush

A blush brush is obviously for blush! It can also be used with bronzer. It can be flat-topped (all the bristles are the same length and cut evenly across the top), dome-shaped (the side bristles are slightly shorter than the middle bristles), or angled (bristles are shorter on one side than the other and one side angles up to the other side). It’s large and fluffy, but not as big and fluffy as the powder brush.

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4. Concealer Brush (optional)

If you have trouble spots, this is a great one to have, but it’s not necessary otherwise. It’s tapered but it’s flatter than a blush or powder brush (not as full and fluffy).

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5. Eyeshadow Brushes

You’ll need one brush for the lid and brow bone and another one for the crease. For the lid and brow bone, I like a tapered, soft, full brush (but small). For the crease, I like a smaller, tapered, soft brush. Some people prefer a firmer, angled brush for the crease though.

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6. Eyeliner Brush

A firm, angled brush with a small area of short bristles is great for doing eyeliner.

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7. Eyebrow Brush

An eyebrow brush looks like a skinny toothbrush. It’s great for brushing your brows into great shape.

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8. Lip Brush (optional)

Personally, I don’t like using lip brushes. But some people do. If you like them, you can choose a soft, thin, tapered brush to apply your lipstick or gloss.

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Natural Mineral Makeup Brushes

I mentioned above that brushes can be made with natural animal hair. The hair might be sable, badger, squirrel, pony or goat hair.

Most people say that natural animal hair is the best to use for mineral makeup brushes because of the structure of hair. Hair has “scales” on it that hold the mineral powder better than synthetic brushes do.

Also, natural animal hair tends to be softer than synthetic materials and actually, the hair gets softer with use.

If you’re a vegan or if you have allergies to various animals, you will want to consider synthetic brushes.

Mineral makeup brushes can also be synthetic. This means that they use man-made bristles, not natural animal hair. I call these brushes “vegan” brushes because I’m a vegetarian/vegan and I like the word better than “synthetic.”

Vegan brushes are made from nylon or taklon. They tend to be stiffer than natural animal hair brushes and they get stiffer with use. They also hold the mineral powder less well. However, they’re much less likely to bother you if you have allergies and if you’re a vegan, it really doesn’t matter about the softness or the ability to hold powder.

It only matters that they aren’t made with animal products.

What Is BB Cream?

what is bb cream

Origins Of BB Cream

BB Cream a.k.a Blemish Balm Cream is currently one of the hottest beauty products around today.

Originally developed in Germany and used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients recover, BB Cream has now become an international phenomena.

The craze started in Korea, where it was revealed that Korean actresses has been using BB Cream as a part of their daily regime.

[toc]Soon cosmetics companies saw the business potential of the cream and began making it available for the wider public.

Since its birth, BB Cream has constantly undergone improvements and modifications.

Now dozens of companies have their own version of BB Creams.

So what is BB Cream?

Blemish Balm Cream can be briefly described as a All-in-One Skincare product. It offers effective moisture and provides natural coverage and sun protection.

What makes BB Cream so miraculous is the flawless cover it offers.

It actively seeps and blends into your skin helping to achieve a naturally flawless look in less than one minute.

Unlike even the best foundation, BB Cream will not clog up your pores and cause acne.

Instead BB Cream contains natural ingredients which actively kills the bacteria that cause acne and soothes your skin from any kind of irritation.

General BB Cream characteristics:

  1. Provides a natural and flawless look.
  2. Provides perfect coverage just like a foundation but without clogging pores or damaging the skin
  3. Conceals all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and marks
  4. Healing properties which soften, smoothen and refine skin
  5. Encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin
  6. UV Protection for healthy skin
  7. Some BB creams have additional features such as wrinkle improvement, whitening functions etc.

Many BB Cream carry the term “Whitening” which can sometimes have a very negative connotation in the western world.

What it really does is that it “EVENS OUT ANY UNEVEN SKIN TONEs” such as sun spots, acne scars and uneven patches.

The Most Important Thing: Make Sure The BB Cream That You Are Buying Is Genuine. If its super cheap, then it’s most likely NOT real.

Finding The Perfect BB Cream

Finding the perfect BB Cream is not an easy task. It is always best to do your research before buying anything, especially with cosmetics products.

Below is a checklist for BB Cream newcomers who wish to find the perfect BB Cream.

1) Do Your Research On The Company You Are Buying From.

There Are A LOT Of Fakes Out There Posing To Be Authentic. Buying From Ebay Or Abroad Is Not Recommended And Can Be Dangerous.

Even If They Say Their Products Are Genuine It Could Be Fake.

So Always Buy From A Local And Reputable Company or somewhere like Amazon where you can see their customer feedback and comments.

2) Research About The BB Cream You Are After Or Ask For Expert Advice.

Different BB Cream Have Different Properties And Colors, So Its Best to Find The One That Is Most Suitable And Matches Your Skin Tone.

Companies Such As BB Cosmetics Offers Free Expert Advice To First Time Buyers.

3) Always Read Up Reviews About The BB Cream Your Are About To Purchase

The Same BB Cream Can React Differently To Different Types of Skin.

Therefore It Is Always Best To Read Reviews Of The BB Cream That You Are About To Purchase To Avoid Disappointment

How To Apply BB Cream

Properly Applying BB Cream Can Help You Achieve Naturally Flawless Looking Skin In Less Than A Minute.

Many first time users make a very common mistake when applying BB Cream, they treat is as a moisturizer/foundation and apply Too Much. When this happens it will start to look like a very thick and heavy foundation.

To properly apply BB cream, get an appropriate amount of BB cream onto the back of your hand.

Apply them onto your face in five dots to the forehead, nose, two cheeks and chin.

Use a gentle patting motions to spread the BB Cream and rub in a circular motion to blend it into your skin.

Continue to blend until it becomes invisible. To cover imperfections dab a little on affected area and repeat above step to blend.

However If you find patting motion is too tedious, you may use fingertips to gently blend it with outward stroke.

When you reach the eye area, remember to gently pat the BB cream at the core part and around your eyes area.

This will prevent the fine lines and wrinkles as dragging motion may strain the sensitive skin around eye area.

BB Cream vs. Liquid Foundation

Some highly recommended liquid foundations such as the Revlon Color stay foundation only has SPF 15 compared with BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream which has SPF 50.

In addition most liquid foundations have a very fluid texture which makes it less messy to apply with sponges or brushes rather than finger tips.

BB Cream on the other hand tends to be thicker and more creamier than liquid foundation and is said to be waterproof unlike foundation.

Most BB creams are also made of botanical ingredients hence it has the healing properties that liquid foundations do not have.

Nevertheless foundation itself is famously known for blocking up pores and causing acne, while BB Cream has the exact opposite effect.


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