11 Vegan Makeup Brands List that Could Support Your Vegan Lifestyle

A lot of people start to do vegan lifestyle so they can improve their live to be healthier. When using this lifestyle everything that they used should be vegan friendly, and that includes the vegan makeup brands. Since most makeup brand out there contains a lot of chemical that might be harmful to your body, surely you do not want to use it. Not to mention that the makeup could be tested on animals which another cruelty that people with began lifestyle want to avoid as well. But can you really find makeup brand that really vegan? Yes you could, that is why we compile this list to help you find the right one.

Top and best vegan makeup brands to trust


Some of the makeup that we give here might be on higher price tag but some are actually quite affordable, so you can choose which one that more suitable with your pocket.

1. Arbonne

You might not know about this brand as it is quite popular around the globe, but you might not now that now Arbonne has become 100% vegan makeup brands that you can trust. This company has start their green business since 35 years ago, so it could really be trusted and now with their 100% vegan commitment, they are not only eco friendly but also healthier. They would not test their items on any animals so the product is really cruel free that surely good news to support your vegan lifestyle.

2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic

Start with only a lip balm on their line, this vegan company has grown so much over their 12 years of development. And now their line has expanded so much and they have full makeup collection that you could use. Once again their product is not only 100% vegan but they are not tested on animals which make the brand cruel free too. Moreover their makeup is actually in high quality so you will really love to try this makeup brand.

3. Pacifica

This vegan makeup brands not only offers makeup but also great body treatment that you should really try. Moreover they are 100% vegan so you should not worry about the things that they use as ingredient. Even though they only using natural ingredient but their makeup really deliver good result, which is one thing that you should find on your makeup. They want to create product with good performance, but still being made from safe material, and recyclable packaging.

4. Beauty Without Cruelty

As their name, this brand makes their product without testing it to animals and not even using any animal ingredient so you can use their product with easy heart. The brand is founded in 1963 and keeps their value from the start of their development. Today this brand has become one of the leading brands in the market since they not only keep their product cruelty free but also they are completely vegan makeup. They are made using natural ingredient with the finest quality and infused with essential oil for the aroma therapy.

5. Per-fekt beauty

The brand that founded in 2005 is really the perfect vegan makeup brands you should try. They use advanced technology so they could make makeup with high quality but still using all natural ingredient. Their product is a concentrated product and they do not use any water to dilute it thus make their product environmentally friendly. Furthermore they do not use any synthetic fragrance or any other harmful ingredient that could ruin your beauty. The brand want to teach you to shop your beauty product smarter so you can save the environment and save money while doing it.

6. Ecco Bella

The brand wants to give respect towards all life that is why they create cruel free product using not only natural ingredient but also organic ingredient. Their product does not make using any preservatives, water, dye, and even gluten so it is really healthy for your skin. Since this brand is very natural, it could support your vegan lifestyle with their high quality product. You will love their makeup collection as well as great beauty treatment product so you should really try this makeup if you could.

7. Cover FX

Another company that is 100% vegan makeup brands that you could trust. They create concealer and foundations with a lot of shade variation as well as the undertone variation so you will most likely found product that could suit your skin color from this brand. Furthermore their product is also created with formula that suits those with sensitive skin and other skin condition such as rosacea, acne and many others. So if you need some product that could give you great coverage, then this brand is the one that you should use. Note that some of their brushes are made using animal hairs so you might want to avoid that if necessary by reading the labels before buying.

8. The body shop

This brand is well known in the world, still some of you might still doubt to use their product. But you should know that now this brand has created a special makeup line which is 100% vegan. Furthermore their 100% vegan eye pallete is using Babassu oil which they get from community trade in Brazil so this really could develop their community more. As a highly influential brand, their decision to make a new product which is 100% natural is hope to encourage other brand to do the same step that this brand did. Support this good cause by trying their newly released eye pallete to fulfill your vegan lifestyle need.

9. Juice beauty

This vegan makeup brands is made by no other than Gwyneth Paltrow who get the courage to create vegan makeup because of her daughter. She want her daughter to use safe makeup that she could trust, that is why she opt to create her own makeup instead. Not only vegan, but their product is also cruel free thus make it really good product to try. Some of their products are also made with edible option since they contains organic material. This show how the artist really loves natural way of living that you could also try in her makeup brand.

10. Colour Pop’s Jaime King collection

Another celebrity who goes into making her own makeup collection is Jaime King and she works together with Colour Pop to launch her makeup collection. The product is made locally but still high in quality since their factory is already developed since 1955. Right now there are 12 products that you can try in her collection and all are sold exclusively only on Colour Pop’s website. Even though this collection can be said as celebrity brand, but they are sold within reasonable price, so you should really try them.

11. Kat Von D beauty

Known as tattoo artist Kat Von D tried to make her own collection. She said that she will make her collection to be 100% vegan makeup brands since she also use vegan lifestyle and are an animal activist. Although right now their makeup line is not entirely vegan so you really should read the labels when purchasing the collection, but she really committed to do the change. That is why we include her brand in this list as a bonus so you can support her with her intention to make a vegan makeup that you can trust.

There are actually a lot of vegan makeup products that you can found in other brand. However you should really check the label one by one to make sure all of their ingredients are vegan. Still this can be another step that you can use to find vegan makeup brands that might suit your taste and skin condition. Still you should try to support brand that already make their product to be 100% vegan to show that vegan products are wanted by people.