11 Natural Makeup Remover to Clean Your Face without Worry

After a long day wearing full face makeup, you surely need to get rid of it somehow. And the natural makeup remover is what you should use since this makeup remover is made using natural material which would not burdened your face skin with other chemical. Moreover these makeup cleansers can really take out all of the makeup trace from your face so there is no leftover from it including the oil and bacteria that live inside which could harm your face.

List of best natural makeup remover

Natural Makeup Remover

For you who have extra sensitive skin, then natural makeup would be the perfect product for you to use. It does not contain any chemical thus make it light in your skin. Moreover natural ingredient will be able to moist your skin while cleaning it and it would not scrapped away all of those natural moisturizer on your face.

This is why having natural ingredient in your makeup remover is very important. Now let us see the list of makeup remover and cleanser which made from natural and organic ingredient:

1. RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream

As we know RMS is highly known among natural brand lovers and this brand has its owned natural makeup remover. This makeup cleanser is made using natural coconut oil which we already know gives a lot of benefits to your skin and it could also be used to remove the makeup from your face.

The remover itself is made in creamy texture so it is very easy to apply all over your face. It can melt all of the makeup on your face and you can easily wipe all of them away afterwards. So do not wait any longer and try this beauty makeup cleanser from RMS since you would not be sorry.

2. RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes

Another makeup cleanser from RMS since this brand is very trusted. But for the second remover RMS make it in wipes forms which very easy to be used. You can take this wipes during travel since there is small size individual pack that you can even put in your travel beauty back.

You can also use it whenever you are in hurry or when you are too lazy to use the cream type makeup remover. This wipes also made using coconut oil so you can surely feel your skin become clean, smooth and soft after using it.

3. Vapour Organic Beauty Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil

This brand made their natural makeup remover with 94% organic material certification so you can be safe when you use it. The cleanser is can effectively clean out all makeup from your skin gently without leaving any traces since they are being dissolved by the oil.

It will take off all impurities and dirt from your face without having to strip the natural oil of your face. The formula is made so it could balance and calm your skin with its antioxidant properties that can protect your face from toxin.

4. MV Organic Skincare Pure Jojoba Oil

This product from MV might not be released as a makeup remover but as a skincare product. But as you know oil also work best to dissolve the makeup thus it is also great to be used as makeup remover.

Moreover this product is made using jojoba oil which is very good for your skin. It is pure oil so it can penetrate your skin easily while nourish and soften your skin. it also able to protect your skin and does not clog onto your pores which make the product great as cleanser.

5. Dr. Alkaitis Organic Mascara & Eye Makeup Remover

If you need an eye natural makeup remover then you can go with Dr. Alkaitis product. This cleanser is formulated specially to remove those hard to clean mascara and eye makeup so you can easily clean your eyes area. As you know the eye area is very sensitive so you must choose carefully the product to use for your eyes area.

Not only this cleanser is organic so it is safe to use, but it is also very effective to clean and still very gentle on the eye area. It not only will swipe away all of those makeup but it also able to nourish and hydrates the eyes area which makes this product good.

6. Lavera Gentle Makeup Remover

If you do not like the oily feel from the other oil based cleanser then you can try this product from Lavera. This eye remover is aloe vera based so it is very gentle on your skin and will not make you feel oily.

Still the sea buckthorn that is in the formula will be able to get into the base of your makeup and remove them completely. Furthermore this eye makeup remover is designed to be friendly to use for very sensitive skin, so if you are struggling to find suitable eye remover for your skin, you can try this brand.

7. One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover

A luxury natural makeup remover from Elizabeth Dehn which works as cleanser but also as treatment for your skin since it contains Vitamin B enzyme. Not only it able to remove your makeup, but it also able to remove impurities in your skin since it will be able to detox it. It contains papain enzyme from fruit that able to make your skin softer and clean it very well. The oil remover is highly concentrated so it is suitable for dry skin and all skin types.

8. Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover Pads

For you who do not want to rinse their face after cleaning it using makeup remover, then Jason has the perfect solution for you. This product is made with pads form so you can just use the pad directly from the jar, apply it to your face and remove your makeup.

It will be able to lift all of that makeup from your face even one that is waterproof and you do not need to rinse your face anymore since it will not leave any greasy residue. The pads are already pre moistened with natural ingredient such as aloe vera, cucumber and vitamin E so it will really hydrate your skin and make you feel refresh after a long day full of makeup.

9. Green People Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Remover

Green People is known among natural brand lovers then if you looking for natural makeup remover and cleanser, this product is the one for you. This two in one cleaning product is made using only natural ingredient and extract from organic plants. Not only it is formulated to clean your makeup but it will be able to nourish and balance your skin with its rich moisturizer.

Since it is made from natural ingredient, it is also very suitable to be used on sensitive skin and area such as around your eyes. It will be able to clean waterproof mascara along with other makeup. With its natural plant aroma you will be refreshed while using the product.

10. Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil

It is made using natural oil which is very luxurious and will effectively remove your makeup. Since it is 100% natural, it is also very suitable to remove eye makeup for you who have sensitive eyes. It will be able to clean your skin to deep layers but it will not leave any greasy film and still leave your natural oil barrier alone. The oil is formulated to not clog on your pores and it is already tested to ensure it will leave the skin clean and perfect after use. You can use this oil for any kinds of skin type without worry.

11. Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water

Another natural makeup remover from Caudalie but this one is made in water base so it is suitable for you who do not like to use oil as cleanser. It will be able to remove your makeup thoroughly and clean your skin without irritate it. And since this cleanser is made using gentle formula, it is very suitable for you who have very sensitive skin.

It will be able to hydrate and soothe your sensitive skin making it soft and refreshed. It is made using plant ingredient so it would not remove your natural skin moisturizer while also giving it extra nourishment. You will see that your skin will not only clean, glowing, and moisturized after using this product.

There you have it the list of natural brand with their makeup remover products. As you can see some brands also have more than one type of cleanser and remover product. That is why you need to try then to find out which natural makeup remover type that is more suitable for you.

Of course you can also use more than one product since you need to use eye makeup remover and face makeup remover if you want to clean the makeup thoroughly. Use the best makeup remover that not only could clean the makeup but also useful for your skin.