10 of the Most Expensive Makeup Products Ever Sold in the World

Ever wondered just how much it going to cost you to get the most expensive makeup products ever sold in the market? You are in luck, because we are about to give you a whole list of 10 of the most expensive makeup products ever. People likes to dress themselves in order to look good in front of the other people, some might be doing it to impress the other, some is doing it because they just want to express themselves, some other really likes to be the one that stood out among the rest, there are many other reasons why people do makeup, but with makeup products with these prices, finding the justification will be hard.

Top 10 Most Expensive Makeup Products Ever Sold

1. H Couture Beauty Mascara


Let’s get this one out of the discussion first, this beauty mascara by H Couture is the undisputed product that holds the title of the most expensive makeup products in the world, how much it is going to cost people just to get one? You can get one this beauty mascara with just 414 million dollars, that is right, millions just for 1 product. Why is this product cost so much money?

Well, apparently, H Couture thinks that putting a lot of diamonds on the tube of the mascara is a good idea and they went with it, to be fair, the beauty mascara itself is not bad, it’s great, but it does not justified $14 Million. The diamonds are encrusted on the tube and not the mascara, so the diamond does nothing to add to how the mascara works, it’s all just for decoration. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult for you to get one of these; if you can spare $14 Million of course, because H Couture is not here anymore.

2. La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream


This product advertised itself to be able to protect your skin’s DNA, recharging your cells and also replenish the moisture of your skin all at the same time, sounds exciting? Well, if you are excited enough to spend $1,228 for one makeup product, then you will be able to get this La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream.

This beauty cream is very expensive because it utilizes one of the rarest metals in the world, and that is the platinum, and the platinum that it contains is the one protecting your skin and cells. Of course, this is a product that you need to use regularly, there is no use of just using this product once in awhile, so if you are committed with this product, just be prepare to spend a lot of money; not to mention that there are not much cream contained in one tube.

3. Crème De la Mer Moisturizing Cream


Want to stay young forever? You can’t fight against time, but you can make your skin looks and stay young longer with this one of the most expensive makeup products called the Crème De la Mere Moisturizing Cream. This particular cream is not like any other, it utilizes a unique material not available in other makeup products, and that material is a secret. All we know is that they called the material as the “miracle broth” and the only thing about this “miracle broth” that we know of is that it uses seaweed.

It gave no explanation on any kind of processes that enable this moisturizing cream to keep our skin stays healthier and younger, but if you are intrigued, then you have to spare about $567 just for one of this. $567 might not sounds like much compared to the other products here, but if you think that you only get 3.5 ounces of this cream for that much money, this product deserves a place in this top 10 most expensive makeup products collection list.

4. Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Perfume


This other products included as one of the most expensive makeup products ever is a perfume, and this perfume allows you to smell like no one else. This expensive perfume is priced for about $1,800 just for one package, and it smells nothing like any other perfumes. This perfume utilize a rare flower with great smells, the catch with the flower is that it only grows for two weeks annually.

That is right, each year, this flower can only grow once and only for 2 weeks, making it very rare. To make things a lot pricier, just to make one package of the Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Perfume, more than 10.000 of that rare flower are needed.

5. Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale


Coming from Europe, this skin care products cost $1,953.32 just for one set, and what it can do to justifies that amount of money? It said that using these sets of skin care products allow you to fix any kinds of skin problems like wrinkles while also acting as anti aging agent.

Here is the problem with this product, we do not know what the ingredients of this skin care product, and they have not listed what’s inside the cream. We do know that it use some extract of one or more flowers, but we don’t even know what flowers it used.

6. Kre At beauty Gold and Diamond Eyelashes


This other product on this top 10 most expensive makeup products ever sold list is self explanatory, this is a set of eyelashes with gold and diamond attached. Different to the other product that cost $14 Million, this product at least let you use that gold and diamond on yourself; while the other only uses the diamond for the tube decoration.

But how will you look with all that glittering from the gold and diamond? Well, this particular makeup product is excellent if you got matching dress, but how much do you need to spend to get one? This luxurious eyelash is available for $1,350 and it utilized 18 karat gold.

7. Clive Christian X Pure Perfume


Another perfume for the list, this Clive Christian X Pure Perfume is very expensive at $2,029.25, and it does not use any rare flower as the material, so what does it use? We do not know that, but we do know that this perfume smells like no other, very great smell and one that will give you confidence.

Clive Christian perfume products are already well known, and most of their products are expensive, so at least you know that you will be getting a quality product; but does it justifies that amount of money for a couple of ounces of perfume? You decide.

8. Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream


This beauty cream is a product from the famous Cle de Peau Beaute, so it got the brand name that justifies its $1,000 price tag, or does it? For a grand, you will get a beauty cream that does many things, but there is a problem with this product. This Synactif Intensive Cream uses Vitamin E, green tea and Retinol ACE as its main materials; all of those substances are very common to the other beauty products.

As one of the most expensive makeup products ever, do Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream using common materials worth that kind of price range? Some say that it actually contains extract of a rare kind of rose that makes it very expensive.

9. Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick


Now we are back with diamond and gold again, and this one is as ridiculous as the first one. The Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick are priced for $62,000; and as you can expect, they made the tube with gold material; an 18 karat one even, and 199 pieces of diamonds. That is right, the gold and the diamonds are put on the tube, so they are not using the gold and diamonds as any material for the lipstick itself, those precious metal and gemstone are just decoration for the tube.

But there is a redeeming quality for this Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick, once you buy this expensive lipstick and use the lipstick dried, they offer you free refills for the lipstick, so you will still be using that expensive gold and diamond covered tube as many times you want.

10. Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish


Another makeup product that utilizes diamond for its selling point, this nail polish actually cost you $250,000 just for one bottle of polish. As you can expect, the expensive price is due to the black diamond it uses, but different to those other products that utilize the diamonds only as decoration, the black diamonds are actually used for your beauty makeover with the Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish.

The black diamond are actually contained on the nail polish, so when you use this nail polish, you will be covering your nail with tons of tiny black diamonds, then you can start showing off your glittering nails to other, just be sure not to wash those hands.

People really do paid some ridiculous amount of money just to look better, what makes this already ridiculous list even more ridiculous is the fact that most of the products listed on this most expensive makeup products are actually popular.