Top 11 Makeup for Beginners Guides

Makeup for beginners can be pretty complicated and if you are just trying to get your hands on it without any particular experience before, it could result in a mess. Thus if you are in need for some tips and tricks that can be used to help you starting out, you are in the best place as we will provide you with the best tips and tricks for someone who just tried their hands on makeup. Of course what the most important is the basic, once you’ve mastered the basics, you will be able to do your makeup on your own and you will even be able to innovate your own style.

Check these makeup for beginners tips and tricks

1. Foundation


One of the makeup for beginners must-have is the foundation since most of the time when you are doing your makeup, you will need the foundation. What it does is to provide you the base for your makeup; the foundation will cover your skin in order to even out the skin tone, hides the imperfection and make it easier for you to get the coloring that you want. Which is also the reason why when you want to buy a foundation, you need to consider your skin tone and color as well, buy the foundation shade that is in association to your skin tone, it will make the applying process a lot easier. Remember, if you pick the wrong shade, it probably won’t be able to hide the line of the face or a mismatch of color tone.

2. Moisturizer


We know that using the foundation for a long time might not be good for your skin, especially if your skin is not normal. If you have oily skin or even dry skin then it is very bad idea to directly use the foundation on your face. This is one important makeup for beginners guide; if you got sensitive skin, get a moisturizer. The moisturizer will keep your skin healthy and hydrated; it will also prevent your sweat to ruin your makeup. One other note, even if you have normal skin, it is still recommended for you to learn how to use the moisturizer. There will probably some occasion where you need to wear your makeup for a long time, using moisturizer will help you keep your skin healthier.

3. Know yourself


After reading those two tips above, you need to know more about your skin. The skin color tone and skin type is not the only thing that needs to be considered. Do you have wrinkles? Do you want to hide those wrinkles? Or do you have a scar that needs to stay hidden? Do you have sensitive skin? Depending on your answer on these questions, the amount of available makeup products that you can get will be different to the average person. Knowing your skin also means you can adjust your budgets on what types of products and tools that you need to buy.

4. Get your primer


This is the makeup for beginners how to get your makeup to stay for a long time, get a primer. Depending on how long you want to stay with your makeup, you will definitely need a primer. The primer is going to be the one that will keep your makeup intact so this is very important. When choosing a primer, you need to get something that comes from a famous and quality brand, do not risk yourself getting a product just because it is priced cheaper, you do not want to get your makeup ruined in an important meeting just because you saved a couple of dollars.

5. Get a concealer


Now, the foundation is primarily used to cover and hides your skin imperfection, but sometimes the foundation itself is not enough, so what do you do? Here is another makeup for beginners need to buy, a concealer. As the name implies, this thing will hides any of your imperfections; pimples, wrinkles, line, blemishes or scars. When buying the concealer, check the place where you want to hide and make sure you buy a concealer product that can easily be applied to that area of your face.

6. The eye makeup


For the basic makeup for beginners, you need to know what to do with the area around the eye and for that purpose; you will need to get mascara, the eyeshadow, and the eyeliner. It is recommended that you buy all three different product because they offer you different things such as mascara is used to give you longer lashes so you need to buy something that suit your style, it is best to buy a quality one that can stick longer and durable.

With the eyeliner, you can try different shape and style that will make your eyes more beautiful. There are many kinds of style that you can choose, but for the first timer, learn and perfect one style only. The eyeshadow is more difficult to use thus you will need to buy an eye primer first, apply the eye primer around the eye and apply the eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow is available in various colors and as usual, buy only one color first or buy something that will compliment your eye color; for example, if your eyes are blue, then you probably need white eyeshadow.

7. Get a quality blush


A blush is something vital for anyone who wants to do makeup, the makeup is not going to complete without you applying some blushes at the end. Blush are not something that is easy to work with, as you will need only the right amount of shade or else everything can get ruined.

Do not be afraid of trying to practice with the blush first whenever you have free time, try different blusher if you have the money, get the perfect amount of shade that suit your skin best. This particular product is vital but difficult to master, that’s why constant training is the key and one more thing, different people usually requires different amount of blush and shading so each person requires different technique.

8. Get the finishing powder


One of the most important face makeup for beginners things to get is the finishing powders; this is the thing that will make your face look good. Using a primer with oily skin may result in a sparkling skin and the finishing powder will be the one that will hide those sparks and glows. Other effect that it has is to keep all of your makeup stays in place so this particular makeup product is very important. Because this is probably your last step whenever you apply your makeup, it is very important to get a quality finishing powder; because you do not want all of your hard work goes away because you are using cheap finishing powder that has its effect disappear quickly.

9. Lipstick


One of the basic makeup for beginners products that everyone should know, the lipstick is very vital on your overall makeup. Lipstick has a lot of colors and variants to choose from and you will need to buy more than one colors to suits different occasions. Applying the lipstick is not really that difficult, although it does require some learning, our recommendation is buy cheap lipstick, and trains your applying method using that cheap lipstick whenever you have the time; just remember to erase those lipstick whenever you want to go out. Once you have mastered how to use it then you can buy more expensive ones.

10. Lip gloss instead of lipstick


While lipstick is certainly important, it is not really a requirement and there are people out there who can’t stand using lipstick anyway so what is the alternative for those people? It’s going to be the lip gloss. The lip gloss is way easier than the lipstick to apply, you won’t even need to practice to use this product, unfortunately, it got its own shortcomings; while the lip gloss can give your certain color to your lips, but the color is very minimal and the variation is very limited. Although it does not have any impactful coloration, if you only just want to go out for a walk of informal occasion, lip gloss is the perfect product to give you that natural color on your lips; in a formal occasions though, it is still preferable to use the lipstick.

11. To get powder or liquid?


This one last tip is about the type of makeup that you can get; there are two basic forms: the powder form and the liquid form and then which one should you buy? Unfortunately, both offers different things so as a beginner, you must try both form of makeup. See which one you think suit you the best; it might cost you some money, but in return once you got your favorite, learning the whole makeup thing will be a lot easier and you can try the more difficult makeup process a lot faster.

Those are the basic for the makeup for beginners, remember these tips and tricks, and you will be able to do makeup pretty fast.