7 Methods How to Take Acrylic Nails Off Easily

Most people do not know how to take acrylic nails off and they might think that it might take too much trouble. Acrylic nails are beautiful, it is a beauty tools that once applied will change how a person looks like since it is a great beauty product. When you want to take the acrylic nails off, maybe you do not want to damage your own nails, but it is not easy to take it off without damaging your nails. For women who do not know how to properly do it, they tend to ask the help from professional, but here are some natural solutions that you can try at home.

How to take acrylic nails off tips and tricks


1. Use dental floss

When you got no particular nail remover equipment at all, here is how to take acrylic nails off at home easily, use your dental floss. Unfortunately, in order to use this trick, you will need help from other people and if you are alone then you will need to try for another method. In order to use this method, all you need is the dental floss and remember to pick someone who knows how important your acrylic nails are.

This method is pretty rough and should be done accordingly or else it will permanently damage the nails. First you need to put the dental floss in between the acrylic nail and the natural nail, start at the bottom of the nail. Pull the dental floss slightly forward and back, do this very gently and never force the nail to open up. It will not take long time before the nail will be completely taken off.

2. Using Acetone

This is how to take acrylic nails off quickly and safely, use acetone as the main ingredients. This is probably the most known method on these kinds of problem and it can be done by just you alone. In the other hand, the acetone itself is not very difficult to find, chances are the nearest drugstore around where you live is selling some, however when you went there to buy one just make sure that you buy the pure acetone and not the mixed one.

Some other things that you need are a bowl, nail clipper, cotton balls, buffing stick, moisturizing cream and some petroleum jelly; all of these are very easy to find since a drugstore that sells acetone will have all of these materials and tools. First, you need to dip the cotton ball to the acetone and apply it to your nails; use aluminum foil to help you make things easier by covering your nail with it. After you are done applying on all of your nails, wait for 20 minutes then open the foil and takes your nails off.

3. Warm water can be a good method

If you cannot find stores that sell acetone, here is one way on how to take acrylic nails off with hot water; use only sterile warm water. It is very simple but takes time and depending on your acrylic nails, it might take longer time than the usual. All you need to do is to dip your entire finger in warm water for about 10 to 20 minutes depending on your nails.

The warm water will make it easier for you to take off the nails with just your bare hands, but remember to apply some moisturizer after you are done because dipping your hands on the water for too long will makes your skin dry. Other things to note, you will need to stay put on that 10 or 20 minutes and should not take your hands of the water which is the only downside of this method.

4. Non-acetone nail polish remover

You can use non-acetone nail polish remover to actually remove your acrylic nails and here is how to take acrylic nails off with nail polish remover properly: You need more than just the nail polish remover, the other tools that you needs are a nail clipper, aluminum soil, cotton balls and some paper; any paper will do as long as it is clean and pretty big. This method is very similar to the acetone one but less effective however healthier since it does not make your cuticles dry.

You need to dip your cotton ball into the nail polish remover and apply it onto all of your fingers. After you are done with applying the liquid, wrap all of your fingers with the aluminum soil. Now, this is why acetone is more effective and efficient compared to this nail polish remover method, you will need to wait longer until you can unwraps the aluminum soil and remover your acrylic nails.

5. Buy proper acrylic nail removal kit

If you cannot find acetone or nail polish remover around your area, here is how to take acrylic nails off without acetone or nail polish remover and unlike the warm water method, it does not need you to stay put for a long time; buy an actual acrylic removal kit. If you got this tool, there is no need for you to try using any home remedies or using chemical like acetone. However it is quite expensive and there are various different products with carrying quality.

Assuming that you can find one with good quality, it will comes with the guides on how to use it and each product comes with different methods. Although this tool is very efficient and handy, there are some things that you need to remember if you do not want to waste more money; when you buy one, check whether or not the tool suits your nail shape. Moreover, always bring a clean paper towel to keep your finger clean and prepare a moisturizer gel or cream after you are done with the process.

6. Alcohol

There is another way on how to take acrylic nails off without damaging your nail, but this method will take a very long time to complete. If you cannot find acetone or nail polish remover and do not want to stay put, you can try using alcohol. The method of applying alcohol to remove your acrylic nails are pretty much the same with the acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover; dip a cotton bud and apply it to the entire fingers, wrap all the fingers with aluminum soil. Now here is the trouble with using alcohol, you will need to wait for at least a whole 30 minutes before you are allowed to open the aluminum wrap and remove the nails.

7. Other alternative ways; laminated business card

As you can see from the list, the best way to do this is by using proper tools, using acetone or by a process that takes a long time and quite troublesome, but is there other method on how to take acrylic nails off besides acetone or anything troublesome like that?
Yes there is, but it is a desperate method that has high risk to damage your nails, so you should only do this if you have no other choice; use a laminated business car.

You probably already have an idea on how this works, use the card on the bottom edge of the nail; if you cannot find any opening just use a cuticle stick first to create one. After that, just gently slide your business card and it will pop open; do this on all of your fingers and do not forget to use moisturizer on the finger after all that are done.

So naturally, the best way to solve this problem; among all of the methods listed is using the proper acrylic remover, although it cost money and there is a chance that you might not find the stores that sells it thus having several alternatives ways on how to take acrylic nails off is always nice.