10 Best Mineral Makeup Brands List for 2016

Do you know which the best mineral makeup brands to get are? Here you will find out which brand you need to get if you want yourself a mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is becoming more popular this day, as the name implies, the makeup is made with mineral as its main ingredients. Most of the time, the mineral is grinded until it became a power-like substance. The main reason why the mineral makeup is becoming ever so popular is because it is perfect to be used for those with sensitive skin and those who want something with different color or shade; furthermore it’s also gives sun protection naturally.

Top 10 Best Mineral Makeup Brands


1. Meow Cosmetics

The first best mineral makeup brands 2016 is Meow Cosmetic brand, the name of the brand might seems silly, but this independent makeup company has one of the best mineral foundation in the makeup industry right now. With a name like that, it is very easy to spot their product, as their products are mostly packaged with cat theme and leopard packaging. They also name their products with cat theme as well.

Although they are known to have quality mineral foundation, their other makeup products are of the same quality. For example is the eye shadow, they have a wide range of mineral eye shadow products with different coloring and shades. The Meow Cosmetics usually only use a small combination of minerals for their products, most of their mineral makeup products only contains five or less minerals.

2. Alima Pure Cosmetic

The Alima Pire Cosmetic is one of the best mineral makeup brands for sensitive skin, in which their foundation is probably the best mineral foundation you can get if you have super sensitive skin. There is a reason why the Alima Pure Cosmetic focused on manufacturing makeup products that are healthy and contains less chemical ingredients. Their best selling foundation contains only 4 types of minerals with no chemical.

So it is great for those with hyper allergic skin, and that reason is because the founder of the company does not want people to suffer illnesses like her mother. Speaking about their products though, it not only got top class mineral foundation, but the Alima Pure Cosmetic also offers lipsticks, waxes and natural oils as well; and they are available with different types of colors.

3. Monave

The Monave brand is probably the best mineral based makeup brands, their main priority is manufacturing makeup products that will be good for their customer, the earth and their employees. Thus they only manufacture makeup products that are healthy and as high quality as possible. The Monave brands also offers you various kinds of products in various forms as well, that means their mineral makeup products does not always comes in powder forms.

They also make sure that whatever they used as the ingredients for their products are not toxic or caused any types of harm to their customer. The Monave brand lipsticks and eye pencils are made from mineral and combined with healthy natural oils and is available with different colorings. What is best about their product is that it can be used by anyone with any types of skin; and of course, people with sensitive skins will have no problem with this brand as well.

4. BLAC Cosmetics

The BLAC Cosmetics was born because the founder of this company find that there are less natural makeup products available in the market at that time. So she is determined to produce some high quality makeup products that are natural and available with a wide color range. As one of the best mineral makeup brands high quality, the BLAC Cosmetics offers makeup products that are available with many varieties regarding the color for their customers.

While ensuring that there are wide range of colors available, the BLAC Cosmetics also stays clear of using dangerous ingredients. They have stated that most of their products does not contains dyes, chemicals, additives and parabens. With their wide range of colors and varieties of products, the BLAC Cosmetics will have something for you no matter what type or color your skin have.

5. Bareminerals Makeup

You know you are getting a makeup product with mineral as the main ingredient when you read that the brand is the Bareminerals Makeup. This cosmetic brand relies on minerals for all of their products, and they have a wide range of cosmetic products starting from foundations, to skin care products, to brushes as well. Many of their products are great for your skin.

For example is their foundations, not only that the foundation is very easy to apply, but you also will not feel that you are wearing anything at all while still giving you the looks that you are longing for, and at the end of the day, it is very easy to wash it out of your face. One problem with the Bareminerals Makeup is their lack of color variety. Although they do have products for different skin colors, but they will do well if they widen their color range by a little bit more.

6. Everyday Minerals

The Everyday Minerals brand is known to be one of the top 10 mineral makeup brands in the world today, when you asked for a recommendation for a mineral makeup brand to a professional, this brand name will most likely is going to appear. What makes the Everyday Minerals brand products to be so good? Their products don’t usually contains a lot of ingredients, they love to make it simple.

But even with less ingredients, they are able to provide you with pretty good range of available colors. The Everyday Minerals brand also produced various types of makeup tools like brush, but one of their top products is the mineral foundation that has moisturizing trait and is available in various types.

7. Physician Formula Mineral Wear

Looking at the name, you probably are surprised to see it as one of the 10 best mineral makeup brands today. But the Physician Formula Mineral Wear products are really good because it uses only natural ingredients and are very healthy. Of course, their products are made so that even people with sensitive skins are able to use their makeup easily.

To explain the quality of their products, let us take a look at their bronzer, it is made with natural mineral as the main ingredient and different to the common bronzer you can find. The Physician Formula Mineral Wear bronzer does not make your face look dirty or feels botchy at all. The color is far more natural than any other bronzers you usually find and its quality is better compared to more expensive ones.

8. Alice Cosmetics Minerals

The Alice Cosmetics is a mineral based makeup companies that offer you a wide range of makeup essentials and tools. They have been involved in this industry from a long time and is one of the major force behind the popularity of the mineral cosmetics and products. As one of the best cheap mineral makeup brands, you can find their product easily on many stores.

The Alice Cosmetics Minerals are very transparent with the ingredients of their products and after you tried their products, it shows. Take the eye shadows for example, it available in various colors, but once you wear it, it feels very smooth and last very long. The foundation looks natural and is very light, and it promises not to cause nay kinds of skin irritations.

9. Mineral Fusion

The Mineral Fusion Company claims that their products are able to do multiple tasks at once. This means that their cosmetics are not only to make you look good, but they offer several other benefits as well. Depending on the type of cosmetics though, it can act as moisturizer for your skin, or can also have age defying properties.

With that kind of claim, are their products really that good? To be fair, their products are good quality, but it’s not as good as what they claim to be. The Mineral Fusion has a wide range of products, but if there is a claim that really is hitting the mark perfectly is that the fact that the Mineral Fusion cosmetics products are good for your skin. Almost all of their products contains no gluten, artificial coloring, talc, paraben and many other substances usually founds on harmful cosmetic products.

10. Glo Minerals Makeup

The Glo Minerals Makeup is a well known brand of mineral cosmetics in the world today; they even have won several awards for their excellent products. As per usual, their products are mostly made with minerals and are very light on other ingredients. They also claim that their products contain various beneficial substances like vitamins and natural ultraviolet protection.

The Glo Minerals Makeup has wide varieties of products that can be used for anyone. Do not be afraid just because you have oily skin; there are products available just for you. But their excellence does not come due to the healthy properties alone, their makeup products are really good, many professional makeup artists love using this brand.

Due to the rising popularity of the mineral makeup, you will find a lot of new brands claiming that their mineral cosmetics to be the best, and for 2016, these are best mineral makeup brands you should look for.