28 Best MAC Lipsticks that Suitable for Different Skin Tone

MAC cosmetic is very popular around the world, and they have a huge collection of lipsticks on the line. Then what are best MAC lipsticks that you should have in your vanity? Not only MAC lipsticks can give you the perfect pair of lips you always want, this brand product is stand out from the other brand because of their color diversity.

That is why you will be able to find all products for different occasion that you probably encounter whether you want to go out for a date with your partner or attend gala party with your associate MAC lipsticks are the on the go product you need. Let us see which MAC lipsticks that considers the best for different skin tone.

Best MAC Lipsticks for Fair Skin

1. Ruby Woo in Retro Matte

Ruby WooAs always everyone needs to have the classic red lipstick which will stand beautifully on the fair skin tone. The Ruby Woo in Retro Matte finish is the one that you looking for. This lipstick is actually very classic but still looks beautiful to wear, even Rihana love this lipstick a lot since it is considered to be the true red color lipstick. It might be rather difficult to apply since it is dry but it could stay very long without reapply.

2. Syrup in Lustre


If you want something that you can wear daily then Syrup in Lustre finish is the one you should try. Because of the creamy mauve pink appearance it looks like as if you do not wear any lipsticks, but because of the finish you might need to reapply this frequently. So just put one in your handbag to bring everywhere and get better lips appearance daily.

3. Plumful in Lustre


If you want darker color to use but still in Lustre finish, then Plumful is the choice you should have. This Syrup sister has darker but still natural color which suitable for fair skin. The plum tone makes this color appear warmer.

4. Crosswires in Creamsheen


Usually fair skin cannot wear orange undertone on their lips but this Crosswires in Creamsheen finish is an exception. You might be doubtful with this lipstick but you should really try it first before you decide. It has coral color which would be very beautiful to be wear in summer.

5. Viva Glam Miley Cyrus in Amplified

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

As the name give you Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is endorse by Miley Cyrus. As the diva personality it really has glamorous but very fun look which suitable for your night out. Come in amplified finish this lipstick really have high pigmentation so you do not need to reapply it very often for at least 4 hours long, this is why it is the perfect lipstick for the night.

6. Chatterbox in Amplified


If you want another pink color for your fair skin, then you should try this Chatterbox in Amplified finish. It has bright pink color with slight sheen look but still wearable since it is not neon colored. It could satisfy your daring mood but still subtle enough to be wear occasionally.

7. Show Orchid in Amplified Crème

Show Orchid

If you want to have a unique shade then you must try this Show Orchid lipstick which comes in magenta color. It is very bright violet lipstick which will give your face a bold statement so you will stand out more. You can try to use it in special occasion since it really makes you look different and cool.

Best MAC Lipsticks for Medium Skin

1. Mehr in Matte

MAC Mehr

For you who have medium skin tone then you must try this MAC Mehr for your first MAC lipstick. Coming in matte finish, it is very suitable for daily usage since it has very soft brownish pink color. It could blend perfectly with your daily makeup since it is very natural looking but it still give you very fresh look with hint of color in your lips.

2. Mocha in Satin


As the name suggested this lipstick comes with ‘mocha’ peach brown color and little bit yellow color as undertone. Even though it comes with satin finish, but it still appear ratter matte and it last quite long so you do not need to be worry about reapply it. This brown lipstick very suitable for daily usage and you can pair it with neutral makeup as well as smokey eyes accent. You can wear it to the office daily since it really one of the best brown lipstick in the market today.

3. Girl about town in Amplified Crème

Girl about town

For you who search fuchsia color for your medium skin tone, then you should try this Girl about town lipstick which comes in amplified crème finish. The amplified finish it ensures great pigmentation on the lipstick but still give good hydration since it is also crème. The blue undertone that this MAC lipstick has will brighten your face skin color instantly so it will make you appear fresher. When you first apply it, the lipstick will appear glossy however after it settles it will appear rather matte.

4. Russian Red in matte

Russian Red

Another lipstick which comes in blue undertone but this time MAC gives it bold red color. This lipstick is first created in the eighties and always become favorite since then, you can see that this lipstick really have something if it could last more than two decades. Even though the red color is very bold, but it comes in matte finish thus make it natural to be had on medium skin tone. Use this classic collection from MAC that makes the brand famous when you want to have sexy look in your glamorous night.

5. Twig in Satin


Even if you have medium skin, it does not mean you could not use pink color. This twig lipstick from MAC is really what you looking for since it is very suitable for medium skin. It look very natural with the satin finish since it not shimmery that is why you must try to use it for your fall look even though this seasonal collection also suitable for every season. It will last on your lips for around 4 to 5 hours long and it will give elegant addition to your makeup.

6. Velvet Teddy in Matte

Velvet Teddy

Everyone need to have nude lipstick, however for you who has medium skin tone, it might be a little hard to find the right nude lipstick that would not make you appear like a zombie. But now you should not have to worry since now you get these Velvet Teddy best MAC lipsticks which you should really try. This lipstick come in nude beige color which very deep but still have pink shade which make it suitable for medium skin tone especially if you pair it with smoky eyes. The matte finish makes it appear subtle for daily use.

7. Speak Louder in Cremesheen

Speak Louder

If you need another pink lipstick then you must want to have this speak louder lipstick from MAC. This pink lipstick is different from other pink lipstick since it has reddish tone which makes it a little bit like neon tone but not that neon so it could still be used daily. The cremesheen finish make the texture very creamy and highly moisturizing thus you do not need to worry to use it every day. You also do not need to reapply it too much since it could last for around 4 to 5 hours. Because it is bright and a little bit shiny but not that muted you can use it for both day and night usage thus makes it the best and easiest pink lipstick you should have.

8. Relentlessly Red in Retto Matte

Relentlessly Red

Even though the name of this MAC lipstick is Relentlessly Red but it actually has pink color with bright carrot tone. Because of this unique color, it really grabbed everyone attention when you wear it since it is very pretty and charming. Because of the retro matte finish, it really has great pigmentation that will last for a long time for at least 6 hours. The deep color makes it very suitable to be used by medium skin color.

9. Chili in Matte


If you still a little bit scared in pulling off a red lipstick then you might want to try this Chili lipstick from MAC. This lipstick comes in brick red color with orange tone which makes it not too red but still has ‘red’ color. Because of its unique shade, it really suitable for medium skin tone, the matte finish make it long lasting but not really make your lips dry. You will appear as hot as chili if you use this Chili lipstick from MAC.

10. Rebel in Satin


Another color that suitable for medium skin tone is plum color and you can get the right tone for your skin in this Rebel lipstick from MAC. It comes in satin finish which make it has a little sheen but not too shimmery so it really a good change for you who always wear bright color. That is why you can use it daily every night to make your night appearance look popup more. It might scared you a little bit when you see it on the packaging because of the dark purple color, but once you wear it and the color settle on, you will see the difference which makes you love it more.

11. Crème In Your Coffee in Cremesheen

cremesheen lipstick creme

Another color to complete your pink collection is this Crème in Your Coffee lipstick from MAC. As the name it comes in crème pink color with brown shade that is why the color is very suitable for your medium skin color. You can use it every day since it is very suitable to be used by workers who do not want to wear something that is too bright. It is very smooth to be wear because of the creamy texture and it is very hydrating on your lips.

Best MAC Lipsticks for Dark Skin

1. Lady Danger in Matte

Lady Danger

First let us start with red color which should be had by all women even if you have dark skin. Red color is very suitable for women with color, especially this Lady Danger lipstick from MAC. It is very suitable for you who could not wear bold red color since it has orange red tone which could blend well with your dark skin. It is highly pigmented and last for at least 6 hours long so you can wear it all day and even all night.

2. New Temptation in Sheen Supreme

New Temptation

Another red colored lipstick which very suitable for dark skin is this New Temptation lipstick from MAC. With Sheen Supreme finishes it makes the lipstick appear saturated but still have glossed sheen. The semi-opaque lipstick comes in cherry red color which is very bright but it has blue undertone which suitable for darker skin who want to have red lipstick but too afraid to use the real red color.

3, Smoked Purple in Matte

Smoked Purple

If you need purple colored lipstick then you must try this Smoked Purple lipstick from MAC. This lipstick comes in dark eggplant purple which very deep and has a little reddish tone thus make it very suitable for your dark skin. The color is very dark and a little vampy but it is still very rich color that blends well with dark skin so you can try to wear this in fall or even all year long if you want it.

4. Cyber in Satin


Another dark colored lipstick which will give dramatic effect to your makeup is this Cyber lipstick collection from MAC. This lipstick is very popular among colored women since the dark black purple color that it has is very intense so you will really see the effect that this lipstick give to your makeup. It is a little similar with Smoked Purple but it is not glossy as the previous lipstick thus it will give you very subtle appearance when applied so you can even use it daily if you want.

5. Morange in Amplified


If you need orange lipstick then you must try this Morange lipstick from MAC. It has vivid orange color and red undertone which very suitable for dark skin since it will make your face look fresh and your skin glowing. It comes with amplified finish so it can last for 5 hours so you should not worry too much.

6. So Chaud in Matte

So Chaud

This orange lipstick will be able to make your deep complexion become very beautiful because of its reddish undertone. This lipstick look a little bit like lady danger but not as bright as the previous lipstick and the orange color is deeper but a little bit dull. So if you a little bit scared to use lady danger then you should try to use this lipstick.

7. Impassioned in Amplified


Fuchsia color is very unique color that everyone in all skin color should have, and even if your skin is rather dark you still need to use this color. Lucky MAC has this Impassioned lipstick with the right fuchsia color that you looking for. It is bright and bold with a little bit neon look but still subtle enough to be used daily. It is suitable color to use during summer but you can still use it all year long if you want since it really complements dark skin tone.

8. Lovelorn in Lustre


The pink color that comes in Lovelorn lipstick collection from MAC is very unique since it comes with blue undertone, but that what makes this pink color very suitable for dark skin tone. The bubblegum like color is very subtle so you can wear it daily since it is sheer and also have glossy look. Even though it does not last too long since it comes in lustre finish, but the creamy texture make it easy for you to reapply it every time necessary.

9. On Hold in Cremesheen

On Hold

If you looking for a unique color, then On Hold is the one for you since this lipstick comes with raspberry color with a little yellow undertone. It is very pretty coral color since it offers subtle shimmer which makes the color more pretty. Even though the color is vibrant but it is still soft to use, that is why you might want to pull it off in the weekend for your special day. Furthermore this lipstick comes in Cremesheen finish which is the most popular finish from the brand because it offers decent pigmentation but still come in creamy texture thus it could moisturize your lips better.

10. Peachstock in Satin


Last is the nude color for dark skin which might be difficult to find since this color might make your lips look like a sick person. But this Peachstock color is very suitable for your dark since it comes in beige color but still have peach tone thus it still have hint of color that will not make your lips look too weird.

Those are list of best MAC lipsticks that suitable for different kind of skin tone so you should have suitable color in your vanity.