10 Best Drugstore Matte Lipstick for Flawless Lips

Are you looking for the best drugstore matte lipstick right now? It might sound weird especially when you hear that people are looking for a matte lipstick and not a regular one at that, but at the drugstore. Truth be told though, drugstore product are often as good as the products that you can only find exclusively on beauty stores, they can bought easily and most of them are relatively cheap as well. In terms of the type of lipstick, using matte lipstick is going to give you a different result than the regular glossy lipstick and many people now prefer to use matte than the regular one.

Best drugstore matte lipstick list

1. Maybelline Color Sensational The Mattes


Maybelline is probably the best drugstore matte lipstick brand in the world today and this product that they came up with is the spearhead, introducing the Color Sensational The Mattes lipstick. This is the matte lipstick that you are going to go crazy for, it is very cheap but the quality is top class, it last for a very long time without any deterioration but very easy to clean.

This matte lipstick can be easily found on your nearest drugstore and will cost about $5.59, it is available in a wide range of matte colors. Fortunately, this lipstick is very easy to use, you need different technique in order to properly apply a matte lipstick, but with this product, it will be a lot easier.

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


As said earlier, it is pretty difficult to apply your matte lipstick properly and it needs to be applied properly or else your makeup is going to look bad, if you are afraid of that kind of result then you can go with this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. A popular best drugstore matte lipstick right now, this product is the best matte lipstick to get for someone who is relatively new on using this kind of product because it is probably the easiest to use. It is also very cheap and has a lot of different color shades; the price that you will need to pay is about $5.59 apiece. It has average lasting power and it gives sensational matte finish once applied.

3. NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural


The NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural is as the name implies one of the best drugstore matte lipstick ever in terms of natural color and price, it is very cheap and it gives an interesting natural matte finish on the lips. The texture of the lipstick is also good, it is not dry like many other products and it is very smooth plus creamy, meaning it is also very easy to use.

This matte lipstick also has pretty good range of colors available and it cost only $6. This nude matte lipstick is something that you need to get if you have a relatively fair skin tone, but it’s not really suitable for anyone with different types of skin tones.

4. Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Matte Lipstick in Military Red


Matte lipstick is not as popular as the regular lipstick so the amount of cheap drugstore products that can be listed are minimal, but this Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Matte Lipstick in Military Red is known for being the best drugstore matte lipstick long lasting compared to the other similar product.

This matte lipstick is pretty expensive but it will last you a very long time and its bold red color is perfect for various grand occasions. The price might be a turn off to some people, it cost you $34 but that is because it contains formula that can also act as a moisturizer to keep your lips from drying out. This matte lipstick is not easy to use properly so it is not suitable for beginner.

5. Lipstick Queen Sinner Matte Lipstick


Probably the best drugstore matte lipstick for lips due to how good it will treat your lips, this long lasting matte lipstick is also pretty expensive in regards to drugstore products; it cost you $24 apiece. It is also not as popular as the other products on the list, but that is because not many people dare to try it out, this matte lipstick is super creamy and probably the creamiest among other matte lipsticks on this list. It got a wide range of different color shades available so you will find the one that will suits your skin tone best and the best part of this matte lipstick is the moisturizing effect that it has, it has one of the best moisturizing effect compared to the other lipstick.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Luminous Modern Matte


The best drugstore matte lipstick in terms of overall categories, this matte lipstick cost $32 apiece, very expensive but it also gives you the best result. Tilbury Matte lipstick is very easy to use and it utilize 3d glow pigment to gives glowing effect that is pretty rare for a mate lipstick.

It is a rare matte lipstick that can also gives the impression that you are using the regular product, not to mention that this lipstick is suitable to be used for a long occasion as it will not leave your lips dry due to its hydrating effect. It has 10 different color shades so pretty wide range of shades are available, but it is also claims to have not contains any paraben. This is a lipstick that is best used on special occasion; you do not want to use this expensive matte lipstick for daily uses.

7. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color


You probably would have never guess how good this matte lipstick is just by looking at its plain packaging, but this Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color is a critical success since it is very popular among those who has tried it. It is one of the best drugstore matte lipstick product currently available, it is creamy and feels comfortable on your lips, the color shade is solid and will not break easily while the pigmentation is overwhelming, and that means that this creamy matte lipstick last for a very long time. This product is certainly not cheap though, priced with $28 this lipstick is not very affordable and to add to that, this product is not easily found, so you might need to visit several drugstores to be able to find one.

8. NARS Semi Matte Lipstick


If you just want a quality lipstick that also happens to be matte then you go with this NARS Semi Mate Lipstick, it is a quality product that is good all around. Different to any other products on this list, this matte lipstick does not have any particular weakness, but it also do not have any particular advantageous to others as well.

This lipstick is pretty easy to apply, last a long time, got great pigmentation, have a wide range of color shades and also has full coverage finish, give superb result to protect your lips as well. It is also pretty expensive at $28 price tag, the ingredients used for this product is chosen to prevent your lips for drying out which it does, unfortunately, it’s just for short period of time so this is not a product to be used for a long time.

9. MAC the Matte Lip Lipstick


MAC the Matte Lip Lipstick is known for having a wide selection of color shades; as of now it has 22 different selectable shades and this is a product that you need to seek for in your local drugstore if you cannot find a matte lipstick with your desirable color. There are also different types of matte finishes that you can choose, the modern matte and the retro matte with its wide range of selections, this product is the most versatile matte lipstick line that you can find on your drugstore in the world today. This product last pretty long; most suggest about 4 hours of longevity, but it is also very easy to use so you can just pop one up your bag and use it whenever you need to, the 417 price tag also helps.

10. Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick


Although it does not really have legendary status yet, the Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick is a product that you want to get if you want to stands out more. The coloration of this matte lipstick is incredible; what’s more, it got a lot of different color shades each with super bold color finish. This matte lipstick is very popular not only because of its beautiful color, but also because how easy it is to apply one on, even a newbie will not have much problem putting this one properly.

One of these matte lipsticks will cost you $21, not a bad price if you consider that this lipstick is also a long lasting product. It also contains several vitamins for the ingredients, and it will hydrate your lips so it will stay in place properly and prevent your lips from going dry.

We hope that there will be more matte lipsticks on the future that are also available on your local drugstore. But as for the best drugstore matte lipstick products currently, these are arguably the best of the best.