10 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes Brand with Good Quality

You are probably confused reading the title, are the best drugstore makeup brushes really worth it? Well, when people want to do a quality makeup, most of them will probably want to use the more expensive tools that are already proven quality. Little that they know, there are brushes that are priced so cheap and can be gotten easily on your local drugstore that has comparable quality with the most expensive brushes in the world. If you too are having money problem but still want to get the best for your make up, here are 10 of the best but cheap brushes that you can get in your nearest drugstore.

10 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes

1. Real Technique Silicone Liner Brushreal-technique-silicone-liner-brush

The first item on our top 10 drugstore makeup brushes is the Silicone Liner Brush from Real Technique, one of the better purchases that will only cost you $6. Real Technique is well known for their quality brushes and many of their products are really cheap. This particular product is really good seeing that it will make it easier for you to apply for your liquid eyeliner, and the reason behind that is because this brush is made with clear rubbery material. The Real Technique Silicone Liner Brush is very popular even to the professional makeup artists, but if you are new to this kind of thing, it might be a little bit difficult for you to master right away.

2. Real Technique Stippling Brush


Real Technique is the master of making good drugstore makeup brushes, and the Stippling Brush that is available for $9.99 is probably one of the best brushes that you can get on your drugstore. If you often check up some makeup bloggers and videos that they’ve made, you will probably recognize this particular tool because it is very popular among those beauty bloggers. The real technique Stippling Brush is said to be able to give you more compact finish and better brush. More importantly, it works whether if you uses powder or cream. Unfortunately, this brush is not very durable, similar to the other cheap brush; it tends to broke down easily.

3. Revlon Powder Brush


Revlon is probably one of the best drugstore makeup brushes brand that you can get easily, the price for this quality Revlon brushes is only $14. As the name implies, this brush is best used for your makeup that is in powder form. If you prefer to use powder makeup, you probably realized that most of the brushes will make everything a mess with powder flying everywhere; this is the brush that will help you solve that problem.

The main attractive trait of this Revlon Powder Brush is its ability to easily pick up all of those loose powders and makes it easier for you to put it where you want it to be, the brush itself is very soft. One thing to remember about this brush, never use this brush if it’s wet, dries it completely first before using it; thus making it unusable for any liquid type makeup.

4. UBU Drama Queen Eye Defining Brush


If you have trouble with your eye brush, then you can check your local drugstore for the UBU Drama Queen Eye Defining Brush, it also wont takes too much of your money as it priced is only $6. For that cheap price, the UBU Drama Queen Eye Defining Brush is an angled brush, and its angle makes it easier for you to apply anything you want, the tip of its angled can also be used to make a fine line for your makeup.

5. Stippling Brush from EcoTools


This one might as well be called as the best drugstore makeup brushes set in a shape of a brush, why? Because the Stippling Brush from EcoTools is so versatile, you will not need to buy any other tool set if you bought this $8 brush. The versatility of this brush allows you to do anything from applying bronzer or foundation, you can easily apply anything with EcoTools brush and it will still able to make natural layer blush. But the Stippling Brush from EcoTools got one problem, the bristles on this brush is so soft, but it is also pretty bulky, which means that you need to use it gently or else the hairs will start to coming off.

6. Sonia Kashuk Tools Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush


If you are looking for a cheap eyeshadow with good quality, then few can offer you more value than this Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush from Sonia Kashuk. This article only gives the best drugstore makeup brushes review, and you cannot go wrong with the brush. It has a rounder tip that will make it fit to be used for anyone disregarding the shape of their eyes. Furthermore, Sonia Kashuk is already a well known brand for their quality products.

The price for this Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush might be on the expensive side compared to the other products on this list with $13. But this Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brush is tool that can easily reach the crease of your eye, making it a very versatile tool for anyone and one eyeshadow brush that can do it all.

7. Wet n Wild Cruelty-Free Fan Brush


The next brush on this 10 best drugstore makeup brushes list is the cheapest with a price tag of only $3, but there is a reason why the Wet n Wild Cruelty-Free Fan Brush is on this list. This large fan brush is the best tool to have if you want some highlighting, very soft but it can do it jobs very well. One problem with this big brush is that you will need to clean any excess makeup on your face before using this brush because it will cause those excess powders to fly away and cause a mess.

8. E.L.F Ultimate Kabuki Brush


The kabuki brush is not really something that is commonly used, but this Ultimate Kabuki Brush from E.L.F is something that you need to check if you need a cheap brush for any of your contouring purpose. This particular kabuki brush can be used to apply any type of contouring of your choice. It is able to reach the crease easier due to its flat top shape, but it can also be used for another purpose, in which this brush can also be used for blending. The E.L.F Ultimate Kabuki Brush is truly ultimate with its versatility, not to mention that it shape also makes it easier for you to use, but with only $10 price tag, this brush offers you a lot of value.

9. Circa Beauty Brush, Contour and Blush


Looking at the name of this brush, you will be surprise to see that this versatile little brush is only priced for $12. The Circa beauty Brush, Contour and Blush is makeup tool usable for everyone and it got versatility to go along with that. The brush has an angled shape which makes it easier for contouring or blushing. You will have no trouble applying colors on your cheeks anymore, and its unique shape also allows you to add your bronzer easily.

10. Kiko Milano Artist Foundation Face Brush


One of the best drugstore makeup brushes kit that you can find, the Kiko Milano Artist Foundation Face Brush is very soft, its soft bristle is very gentle on the skin and makes applying anything easily. This brush is mostly used to apply the foundation whether if its powder or liquid, and it can do its job very well, as the soft bristle guarantees that you will not miss any spot. The price for this face brush from the Kiko Milano brand is pretty expensive with $15 price tag, but you will not be able to find any face brush as good as this one in that price range.

For now, those are the best drugstore makeup brushes, but we are sure that there will be more quality products that will be available for cheap in the following years.