10 Best Contouring Kit for Beginners Products

Welcome to this best contouring kit for beginners information article. Contouring is not particularly popular back in the day since very few people actually use it, but overtime, people began to realize that contouring could actually makes them looks a lot better. Amidst the rising popularity of this trend, many companies begin producing a lot of contouring kits; we are here to help those who are new to this makeup method on choosing the right kit to begin their contouring experience. Being a guide for beginners, the kits listed here are all easy to use and produce good results with minimal technique required.

Top best contouring kit for beginners products

1. Tarte tarteist x @MakeupShayla Contour Palette


One of the best contouring kit for beginners recommendation that we can give, you probably already know of the Tarte brand and this contour palette is actually a collaboration between Tarte and @MakeupShayla; who is a famous YouTube star known for her makeup guides video. What makes this palette kit so good is its versatility with only one package you will get 6 different colors available, but cost an expensive $45. When you buy this contour palette kit, you will also get the instruction manual made and written by the famous YouTube personality herself and if you still confused on how to properly use this product, you can always visit her channel for more guides.

2. Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo


The Stila Shape and Shade Contour Duo only got 2 different colors available on one packaging, but it provides the best color durability that can stay for a longer period of time compared to the other contour palette kit out there. A perfect products for those who wants to looks more natural, this contour palette offers a formula that allow you to also hides the imperfection on your face and at the same time also makes you look younger. This product cost $40, pretty expensive for just 2 colors.

3. NYX Cosmetics 3C; Conceal Correct Contour Palette


In this best contouring kit for beginners review, we are not going to includes only the most expensive palettes that you can find, sometimes a cheaper product can be better than the most expensive ones and this 3C palette from NYX Cosmetics is a good example of that. This product cost you only $12, but it gives 6 different color creams that you can freely customize and combine. The color cream itself is actually very good, comparable to the more expensive ones.

4. Cover FX Contour Kit


If you have some money to spend, consider getting this Cover FX Contour Kit, and for a beginner, this is probably one of the best contouring kit for beginners makeup right now. It cost a major $48 but it is not just a contour palette, it can be used for more things, it allows you to be free with your makeup and style. This versatile product also includes instruction manual that is pretty detailed so a beginner can slowly learn how to use it. But what makes this expensive palette kit even better is the fact that it’s mostly natural and no talc included thus if you have sensitive skin, this is one product to consider.

5. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit


That is right, you read the name correctly, this is not a contour kit, but this is a concealer kit. You are not limited to a contour kit to be able to do one, but most other makeup kits are not exactly well suited for the job, but if there is one product that can also act as a contour kit, it’s this Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit. This product is just that versatile and it is pretty easy to do as well, albeit it only gives two colors on one packaging, it allows you to creates that shadow effect just by taking a darker shade on the area that you would like to change. This versatile concealer kit is available for $35.

6. Urban Decay Naked Flushed


The urban Decay Naked Flush is one of the best contouring kit for beginners products, it gives you the essential bronzer, blush and highlighter, practically allowing you to practice your contouring ability. Of course, each is also available in respectable amount so you can use this set for a quite some times. The best thing about this product is its simplicity, and considering that this is an article for a beginner in contouring, a simpler product is always better. You can just get this product for $32 apiece and start practicing at your home, no other tools is needed.

7. Marc Jacobs InstaMarc Light Filtering Contour Palette


Being one of the most expensive products on this list, there is no denying its quality, and it is the best contouring kit for beginners that give you the best result with the lowest amount of effort possible. A superb quality kit that cost you $49 just for one package, the InstaMarc Light Filtering Contour Palette from Marc Jacobs available with three different shades in a duo. With this product, it is very easy to get the maximum result, although the price is too high just to be used as a training item.

8. NYX Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette


If you get bored with just one style, then you must get this NYX Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, the fact that it gives you a lot of colors and shades means that this is the skin best contouring kit for beginners just because it is usable for any types of skin tones out there. The quality of this set is comparable to the ones used by pro makeup artists. No matter what skin color you have, this product can help you; after all it got 8 different colored shades to work with, not to mention that those color shades are also refillable. A perfect kit for those who wants one for practice, this contour pro palette is priced for only $25.

9. Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit


For someone who is literally just started doing contour, we suggest you to get this Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit, this product is meant for those who is a complete rookie on this matter. This contour kit for starter provides everything that you need to start your contouring career and you can get it for $45. It is quite expensive so people might be turned off by that, but not only it gives you a step by step guide on how to do contouring on your nose, cheeks and jaw line, but the color shades that it provides are top quality, you can get the shades that you want easily.

10. Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book of Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume 2


The Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book of Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume 2 is arguably the best contouring kit for beginners on the market, because it just a complete set. This product gives you everything that you want in a contour kit, they also provide the color name for each color shades available. But the reason why this is a great product for a beginner is because it has a complete manual on the essential of contouring and how to be good at one, the manual is by far the best on any other products listed on this list. Unfortunately, there is an expensive price to pay; this contour set cost an astonishing $65.

What makes these products great are not only that they are newbie friendly, but they also provides the essentials for contouring so even if you think that you have mastered the art, you can still use them. And if you are one of those who wish to learn more about the art of contouring, get one of these best contouring kit for beginners and you will not regret it.