Affordable Makeup! 10 Brand List You Should Try

For you who are makeup addict then you must want to search more affordable makeup brand which could satisfy your love for beauty. Most makeup is sold with high price since it comes from popular brand. But it does not mean those brands are the best makeup that you can get in the market. Other brand that sold in more affordable price might even have higher quality but since it is not that famous, you might not even know about it. This is why we make this list, to give you some information about some brands that are more affordable.

Underrated affordable makeup brand list

affordable makeup brand

Makeup is an important thing that everyone uses every day, unfortunately most of us only see popular makeup brand which sold in high price. This is why you must try to see to the other brand which may not as popular but still have high quality. It is even better if those products are sold in more affordable price so everyone can get their hands on that items. Here are some brands that we think has high quality products and huge selection of beauty items in their collection but kind of underrated for some reason.

1. NYX cosmetics

You might already see this cosmetic brand in your local stores but you do not really pay attention to the brand. You should know that this beauty product used to only available to the professional, which is why you could be sure about their quality. At first the brand only spread from the word of mouth but now you can even see them on Pinterest. They have full makeup collection and pigmented products which all of them are available in affordable prices so most people could really get their hands on this beauty product. Moreover their packaging looks really stylish and modern so it could really suits your lifestyle.

2. E.L.F. Cosmetics

This brand should really mention in our affordable makeup brand list since it really cheap compared to other cosmetic brand. You can even get more than 20 items but only spend 30 dollars on it since their product is sold in $6, $3, and $1 price. Furthermore there are some promos and codes that you can use to get the items in even cheaper price. You can see on their collections they really have a lot of products in different color from the basic color to the most unique color since this brand also like to experiment in their color collections. Their products selections also varied so you can try to find things in this brand that you cannot find on other brand.

3. Coastal Scents

For you want to avoid cruelty in your makeup brand, then you can definitely use this brand since it is cruelty free. Their product is not only affordable but it is also stylish, and innovative. The most favorite innovation that they give you is the ability to purchase their product in individual pots so you can even build the palette with your own favorite colors.

This is very good solution especially for you who often afraid to purchase big size palette since you think that most of the colors in the palette would not be used. Furthermore the brand does not only sell the already made makeup product, but they also sell natural ingredient that they used to make the makeup. So if you are interested in making your own makeup then you can also try product from this brand.

4. Obsessive Compulsive

If you are obsessive to find affordable makeup brand, then this brand is the one you might like. You can easily find this brand in any of one Sephora’s store. Their beauty collection comes in various shades from bold to more neutral shade that you can use every day. Not only they come in more affordable price but they also come in high quality that matches professional makeup. Moreover you can also find their product in mini sizes so you can try different shades in smaller size to find suitable shades that you like. Most of the time, you will find shades that you love even before you finish the whole mini size products.

5. Essence Cosmetics

This brand actually originated from Europe but you can easily find it in one of the ULTA beauty store in your area. You might consider this brand as a low brand which not worth your attention, but you are totally wrong. The brand is made in high quality and you can find various shades that might suits you.

Moreover their packaging also very cute which proof this brand is something that you should not overlook of. The brand gel eye pencils also become the beauty winner from Allure in 2014. You can see from their collection that this brand really knows what is the essence of the beauty that everyone should get, so do not wait any longer to try their product.

6. Physicians Formula

If you want a natural affordable makeup brand, then you must try this brand since they are made using natural ingredient. Moreover their formula is made to support sensitive skin so you do not need to worry about the effect to your skin. They are also hypoallergenic so for you who had allergies to certain cosmetic then you might want to try this brand since it might not give you the same bad effect as other brand. But do not afraid that it will have bad shade because it is a natural brand since they actually have gorgeous colors in their quality which is also has high quality and very cute packaging.

7. 2b Colours

You might not have heard this brand yet since this brand has recently comes out. And as other European brand you can easily their products in ULTA. Their product has neon packages which makes it look funky which may be the look that this France made beauty product after for. Their color collection also as good as their packaging and you can be sure at the high quality that this product brings in. That is why you should not doubt this product and try to get on their beautiful color product to see if you will like their color collection.

8. Barry M

You might also never hear this affordable makeup brand before but actually this brand is very famous in UK. Their product is famous because they have various vivid colors that you might not found in other brand. So you can see that this brand really follow the trend since you can create various styles using this product such as goth, punk, and even romantic style.

You can see from the contrast of look that you can create using product from this brand that their collection really varied. Moreover they come in high quality and also cruelty free so you should not wait any longer to try and get your hands on this brand, you can easily find this product at ASOS.

9. BH Cosmetics

Unlike two brands that we mention before, this brand is pretty known but most of you might only know about their eye shadow palette that really beautiful. And amazing things about their eye shadow palette is because they have palette combination with shimmery and matte colors all in one palette, even though they also release separate palette for those two finishes on their own.

Actually they also have other product which comes in gorgeous colors that could blend very well and also has nice pigment that you should really try. Do not worry since they also have neutral and nude shades for you to wear every day. You can get their starter kit with cheap price but their full set also very affordable which makes it easy for you to purchase their full collection.

10. Bourjois

As the name that it uses, you can really feel the glamour from the 19th centuries Paris from this affordable makeup brand. And you should know that actually power blush is invented by this brand before it spread out to more popular brands that you know today. Hearing their story you might feel that this brand is actually high end brand which sold in high price so you cannot afford it, but that is not the case.

You can really get their product which comes in vibrant shades sold in very affordable price. Originated from the fashion city of France, you must really try this brand product that you can easily find at ASOS and create yourself high end glamour look with affordable makeup from their collection.

There you have it, our list of makeup brand that comes in high quality but still affordable to purchase. Some you might never hear of but some already popular all over the world. You really should try them out to get the exact products that you love. You do not need to stick to one brand since you can try to mix and match products from those brands to create your own collections from affordable makeup brand.